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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "On A Shoestring Backpackers" at 146 Old Cape Road.)


146 Old Cape Road, Knysna, Western Cape, South Africa
-34.035940, 23.027250 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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+2782 253 8726
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Very helpful, clean, friendly
This was one of the nice places in the garden route. Will bring our friends.
Andrew Barnes
  I rate this as poor because there is no "utterly disgraceful" category to choose. In fact this is no longer a hostel as it is in a condition that renders it unfit for animal occupation -- there is no sign with a name on it. there was a "for sale" sign though. even if you have booked you will be met by blank looks when you arrive (assuming your shouts into the dump are heard -- there is no doorbell next to the cobwebs, broken tiles, and windows. I'm sure it was once a decent hostel but that would have been years ago -- it is now a scam for collecting deposits. Don't waste time or money on this place -- your Rottweiler would not want to stay here.
Stephen Simons
  I stayed at this hostel in September 2006 witha friend, it is in a beautiful location across the lagoon so its vey quiet, but not far from the town centre either. Also we met the owner called Will, and ended up partying with him all weekend. couldnt wish to meet a nicer person who'll do anything he can to help you. The hostel has a good chilled out vibe too. Will be back someday.
  This place is utterly disgraceful. We were pushed from pillar to post. We had confirmed the arrival three months in advance and it was even confirmed the day before over the phone with the owner, but when we arrived we had to be put up in a B&B down the road. The following night they still did not have room for us and the owner William Hoon would not come and help us. He was rude and had very poor customer skills. The place is a mess. There are wires hanging out of light fittings, moss growing in the showers and no paint on the walls. We were never issued keys and had to travel around with our luggage all day long. I would never ever step foot inside that place again. Some people were sleeping on the wooden slats on their bed as there were no mattresses. I wouldnt wish my worst enemy to spend one night in this place.
Anrgy guest

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