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Cable Beach Backpackers

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Hostelz.com's Review
Cable Beach Backpackers is relatively big. All of the rooms are 4-bed rooms. You can choose between fans and air-conditioned rooms, although they are a little pricey. There is a free shuttle bus several times daily from the Backpackers to the town and back.

The kitchen is very big and comfortable for many people to cook at the same time. There is also more than enough storage space for food. There is a small bar inside the hostel, and some room to sit and drink or eat.

Other facilities include internet access, laundry facilities (and a lot of laundry lines), hammocks, a nice pool, a big notice-board, and a TV. Parking is not a problem, and there is a lot of space for that. In the evening you can also see the camels on their way to or from cable beach.

Cable Beach Backpackers is indeed very close to Cable Beach, about
4-5 minutes on foot. To find it, drive from the town toward Cable Beach, and just before arriving to the beach itself, turn right into Sanctuary Road, then drive straight until you see the sign.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
January 2006
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great central place Great place to stay -- close to the beach and shops, very clean rooms. And it's true you can see the camels walking by on their way to the beach.  , American ()
3   Decent Good location within walking distance of Cable Beach. Big kitchen. Helpful staff. Dorm rooms have poor ventilation and no air-conditioning, only fans. Beware of rooms 1, 2, 6, 7 -- they face onto the central courtyard with the dining and bar area. Since you have to keep the window open to alleviate some of the stuffiness, these rooms are noisy!  , USA ()
2   Substandard I stayed here with a group of people after we finished our west coast tour in May 2007. Luckily, I only stayed one night as I was traveling on. The room we were given (note I was not given a choice) was not air-conditioned, only a fan was available which did nothing but circulate warm air. It was warmer in the room than outside! I find it astonishing that at $24 per night, air conditioning is not standard in all rooms, especially because of the tropical climate. I have stayed in many hostels in Cairns and Darwin, both tropical climates, and both had air conditioning. The place overall was very average. Plus, I lost my debit card on the premises (my fault, I realise that), but the staff were less than enthused about helping me locate it. I asked three times but no sign. My final point in this rant is regarding a sign that is posted in the kitchen. The sign was posted as a result of some people in the hostel overloading a bin when there was another empty bin available. The sign, written and posted by staff, refers to the person(s) as "stupid" and "lazy." I was absolutely amazed that hostel staff could be so foolish to erect that sign, making derogatory remarks about its guests. That, to me, summed up this hostel, and the attitudes of its staff. I am sure that there are better hostels in Broome than this establishment. I would recommend that anyone reading this comment seek a different hostel, even if it means a bus ride to the beach (which is more like a ten-minute walk away from the hostel, which is not good when it's really hot). Trust me, I know you'll be glad you did.  , Ireland ()
3   It was ok! The Hostel itself is great to look at and amazing, but there are hidden charges, like $10 for sheets and $10 for plates! The rooms themselves are clean and do have a fan in but they are not air conned like the leaflet said! At night the hostel is ok but the staff close everything up by 10 p.m. and by then you have to be very quiet for you will get evicted like we were. we stayed here for over six weeks and we're shucked out on our first warning. The staff are ok but the place is poorly managed and you can get away with a lot of stuff there if you just say sorry to the staff! What kind of a place is that?  , British ()
4  I stayed in a double room with air conditioning in the old "Broome style" house and loved it. The staff were efficient, and the atmosphere relaxed. Would I go there again? Easy. Yes. In fact having sampled the other two backpackers in town, Cable Beach is my preference. There isn't that desperate 'party' vibe that was a part of some of the others. If you want to kick back and cruise in your own space, this is a good budget option to do it in. Well done.  ()
5  I thought it was fantastic value for money! I wanted to stay at a motel but they didn't have availability and I ended up staying here by default. Anything else at the beach is over $200 a night and they don't offer free pick up, free buses to town, free food -- that's all extra. It's well located, extremely clean, has a great atmosphere, the staff were helpful but busy. Anyone who complains about this place wouldn't be happy anywhere, most likely they have champagne tastes with a beer budget.  ()
1  What a dump! I paid $65 for a "private double room," which had bamboo blinds on the windows. It was anything but private, and the security lights came on at all times of the night, shining right through. They gave me beach towels to put up over the blinds, but when you pay extra for a double room, you expect better to start with. The bed was so squeaky I woke up every time I -- or the person in the room beside me -- rolled over. The bathrooms were dirty and full of hair. The tin dishes I had to rent were rusty. The AC unit was too noisy to use, and the fan nearly blew me out of the room (it only worked on high speed). The metal roof meant that fighting possums woke me up throughout the night. The staff were overly confident and not generally helpful. I would have moved, but there was no place to go -- even for way more money. I seriously considered renting a car to sleep in, just to escape! For $70 on the Gold Coast, I had a fully equipped one bedroom apartment right across the street from the beach -- what a difference!  ()
2  Nice place, pretty to look at, but poorly staffed and managed. Don't even think about staying here a long time.  ()

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