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Guest House TaiwanMex

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The main draw of Guest House TaiwanMex is of course the price and also the excellent location. Once you find it -- which can be a challenge -- and check in, you will enjoy the convenience of having everything close by.

The Location

It's very difficult to find. You can easily spend half an hour walking around trying to locate it. The hostel should advise clients that it is tucked deep in the narrow street directly opposite the main road opposite the Starbucks by the subway stop and has a tiny sign that is easy to miss unless you look very carefully for it. It does not help matters that if you ask people in the businesses around the area -- they have no idea where it is. Once you reach the main gate you have to use the intercom to call them if you arrive at night. Once they buzz you in you have to walk past the gate into another narrow alley shared by other homes and businesses and then walk upstairs to the main door.

It's a liittle bit small and dated inside but hey, it's a hostel. The guy who runs it is a great guy, helps with everything and does not hesitate to assist you with any directions or concerns you may have. The subway station nearby makes traveling around a breeze but if you arrive late you have to take the bus and it's within walking distance (five minutes) of the hostel. Also there's a nice night market (must-see) with all sorts of exotic foods just a ten-minute walk from the hostel as well.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms are super tiny (more like individual cubicles) but excellent for privacy. A nice fan and outlets for all your devices are available. The bed is super comfy. Bathrooms are nice and clean. Shower water is hot and no issues with water pressure. Plenty of hooks and space to store clothes while you shower.

Common Spaces

The main space is quite small but has nice sofas and a PC for free internet access. Wi-Fi is strong and fast and it's a real pleasure to use especially after a long day worth of traveling. The kitchen is tiny too, but hey, this is Taipei. This hostel has a very cozy common area though, which makes it perfect for meeting fellow travelers.


This is a great hostel, and it's run by a manager who's a great guy that goes out of his way to make you comfortable.

by WorldJetta
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
July 2014
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Overall is good Location is perfect, less than 5 minutes walk once get out from ZhongShan basement street (R2 exit).  , age 44, Malaysia ()
1   Taiwanmex is the worst! Lots of mosquitoes! Air conditioning available during summer only. Sometimes it gets hot during spring time and you have no choice but to suffer. The bathroom is in the balcony. The bathroom by the way are those portable plastic types. I booked for a few weeks but had to leave after two nights. i couldnt stand it. There are better hostels in taipei.  ()
5   Great hostel, no worries Free amenities, everything worked out very well. During my month stay I think I only had two problems (air-conditioner leaking water and Wi-Fi down for a moment) and both of these were fixed right away, great job by the owners. I definitely recommend this place to any and all travelers either staying a night or more like I did.  , Finnish ()
5  If you're looking for a safe, clean, fun place to stay in Taipei, then make reservations for Taiwanmex. I stayed there for an extended period of time and I am so glad I did. Margos and Raul (the owners) are the kindest people you'll ever meet. They made me feel at home and helped me in countless ways. I came to Taiwan to be an English teacher. I booked a room at Taiwanmex for a few nights so that I could look for an apartment after I arrived. I liked the hostel so much, that I stayed there for several months! The atmosphere is very friendly and it's quiet, which is important because after the long flight from the U.S., I needed some sleep. The owners go to extremes to ensure you're happy. A perfect location, cleanliness, safety, and friendly ownership make Taiwanmex the best option for those looking for a place to stay in Taipei.  ()
5  Taiwanmex is owned by the friendlest people. We stayed for five weeks in Taipei and only had the best treatment and overall great vibe from everyone there! I recommend any visitors to stay a while at Taiwanmex!  ()
4  I stayed at this hostel...and loved everything about it except for one thing. It's owned by a husband and wife couple, but the husband (Raul) can really screw things up for you. i contacted him, and he said he had a room for me, but when i got there, it wasn't available. And when I ordered a ride to the airport from him, he showed up 30 mins late, almost made me miss my plane, and stilll charged me the full price. Margos, his wife, on the other hand, is one of the greatest, kindest, nicest Taiwanese women you'll ever meet, and the best teacher of everything from how to speak Mandarin or Taiwanese to how to get along with your Taiwanese girlfriend's parents. When Raul's bungling lost me my room the first night, Margos found me a room in a friend's hotel, and even paid for it! Then for the rest of my stay, gave me a room twice the size of what i ordered, for half price, and often made me meals, all free of charge. She is a sweetheart, whom I will never forget. If you are planning on possibly living in Taiwan, or returning oftne, its worth staying at the Texmex, even if just once, so you can make friend like her in Taiwan. P.S. There are 2 Texmex's, and if you can, stay in the one furthest from the station, near the convenience store. Why? Because believe it or not, the showers are on the roof. YES. THE ROOF. And believe it or not, its the coolest thing ever. You will love it. The view is fantastic, esp. at night. You will be hard pressed to go back to showering in your own place ever again. - W.Z.W.  ()
4  I stayed here in May 05. It's a really nice place to stay. It was clean, friendly, and felt like home. :) Great location. Very nice owner. I strongly recommend it! PS: There are only 12 beds so make sure to book in advance.  ()
4  I stayed at this guesthouse in April 2005. I reserved a single private room, which was small but clean. The owner was very kind and helpful. The shower water was hot and the other facilities were clean, also. It's a very reasonable choice if you're on a budget. The location is also highly convenient.  ()

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