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BB's Working Backpackers

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Not so great Whats shown on the description and the reality is not the same. The place is really dirty! Rooms are stinky and kitchen full of flies. But its the perfect place to meet people. It's cheap so don't expect to have some comfort. Now you can choose if u want a clean and expansive or a dirty and cheap one ...  ()
1   Only for party people and people who like the dirt This hostel is the far most disgusting hostel I have ever been, I would never recommend a friend to stay there. Every other choice is better! Stay away from Balmain Accommodation!!  ()
4   Recommended. I was only there for a short 5 days last weekend and felt really good to be there. Meeting all sorts of people from different walks of life and talking to them. Good place to hangout be it for long or for short term stays. As mentioned by many, the Manager, Kristy, is a really outgoing person who goes out to assist in most of the queries one may have. If you're intending to stay out late on Sunday night, be prepared to take a cab.  , Singapore ()
1   Was good, now bad. I stayed in Balmain Backpackers for over 5 months as well as during the December/January Holidays 2010/2011. It was in fact quite enjoyable there, the atmosphere was good and the people decent. The manager, Kristy was always nice and helpful, making you feel welcomed and disciplining those that needed it. She was always fair in her dealings. On the other hand, the owner Andrew is the complete opposite. He tries to save money at every possible corner and that's why the backpackers is run down and dirty. It is in great need of maintenance and renovations. In January a gay couple from Wales moved in and took up the jobs as cleaners and eventually as weekend managers. These two cannot be trusted. They methodically try to control the hostel and the people in it. They have single-handidly destroyed the good atmosphere of the backpackers. In my opinion, I would have recommended the backpackers to anyone during my stay but now I say don't go there unless you want to live under a dictatorship.  , German ()
5   Excellent I had the time of my life here and met (my now) husband there and we now have a little boy and are doing really well in life all thanks to Balamain Backpackers. it's a safe and easy going place to met new and fun loving people and the best life experience you could ever have. would recommend this place to anyone.  , Ireland ()
5   Great I would love to get in touch with people that I met there August 2006 - November 2006 There was myself, Jim and Katie  , British ()
5   Great this hostel was our home for eight months in '05/'06 and again in january '07. we met the best people and had great parties. we're heading back to oz in september but think i'll skip sydney now -- no point if enza's not there. but it was a fab hostel and i still really miss it. it's not like big hostels were everyone's spread out and no one talks to anyone.  , irish ()
1   Revolting, I left feeling literally quite dirty Please don't go here. There are some really great hostels in Sydney charging the same and less for a whole lot more in a more central location. I needed a place quickly and they obviously insisted on me paying maximum deposit ($100) which within three days I was happy to forfeit just to get out of there. An example is when I dropped my dirty sheets off to the gentleman (who feels he needs to convert all and sundry) he simply folded them up and put them back in the cupboard! Fairly safe to assume that the laundry don't insist on folded dirty laundry. Balmain Backpackers needs to undergo much maintenance and improvement before being suitable for anyone other than those one step off poverty.  , English ()

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