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Ace Hotel (Kensington)

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Hostelz.com's Review
Located in a quiet, residential area west of central London, the Ace Hotel is the ideal hostel for those who are looking for a quiet and clean hostel to stay at in London.

Located near the Baron's Court Tube Station on the Piccadilly Line, the Ace Hotel is located about two to three blocks away by foot, so you will not have to carry your bags too far. The hostel is far from the crowds of central London and is a short distance (less than thirty minutes) from Heathrow Airport. It is not the most accessable at night and will required a cab ride to get to after the tube stops running. The Ace Hostel is a colorful, multiple floor hostel that fits into the neighborhood, probably because it is a series of remodeled houses. There is twenty-four-hour service at the desk. As in a hotel, key cards are needed to access the front door, hallway doors, and room doors.

The hostel includes a lounge and bar with a pool table, flat panel TVs, and plenty of couches, chairs, and other comfortable furnishings. There is a garden area located near the bar that is an excellent place to relax on a warm day. There is a computer room with several computers for internet access and office tasks. The room also doubles as a luggage storage room as you will learn when you arrive before the 2 p.m. check-in time.

The rooms are very clean. The beds and bedding are brand-new and quite comfortable. The heating in the rooms is excellent, which is nice to have when sleeping in winter. There are private bathrooms scattered on several floors, with tubs located in some bathrooms and showers in some rooms. The showers do take some time to warm up. Towels and other toiletries can be purchased/rented at the front desk along with souvenirs and other items. Some of the items are pricey so do some price shopping before buying candy or toothpaste here. There is a free continental breakfast available in the lower level of the hostel. It is not much, but it will fill you up. Arrive early since the food disappears quickly and is not replenished quickly.

Overall, the Ace Hostel is an well-run hostel that exceeds expectations. It may not be the most sociable hostel, but the environment is excellent for those who require a good night of sleep after staying up all night. It may be farther away from the main attraction and activities in London, but that is what makes it a better place to stay to see the real London.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
February 2006

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  Excellent hostel, I have fallen in love with this Hostel. At the reception Maria, Aldra, Jose are always there to help you. Morning breakfast is sumptuous, very near from metro Barons court station (five-minute walk), en route to Heathrow Airport. shops and bakery nearby.  , India ()
3   Clinical This hostel is very clean and comfortable however it has an almost clinical feel. it lacks atmosphere. we found ourselves whispering when we were in the common area. during our stay, which was for three nights, the owner was around and she seemed to criticise the staff constantly and they seemed uptight and uneasy. check out time is at 10 a.m. and we were ten minutes late checking out and the owner barged into our room asking us to leave. i understand we should checkout on time, but ten minutes, there should be some leeway. I would recommend this place if your looking for a quiet break but stay somewhere else if you're looking to meet people and have the craic!  , Ireland ()
4   Clean, Safe, and Quiet Very clean, safe, and it is not so crowded. It is a quiet place, but there are the hostel bar until 11 p.m. and internet access. There are two tube stations very close to the hostel, and you can go to any tourist attraction and downtown bars within twenty minutes using the tube. It is a residential area, so there aren't good restaurants and bars nearby. It is a safe area to walk at night. In my case it was perfect to rest at Ace Hostel after visiting nine cities in Europe.  , Brazil ()
4   Good clean hostel not too far from town I stayed here for about a week and I liked it. It's very clean and a manageable size. The staff were very friendly and helpful. I didn't like that they had a bar and therefore forbade anyone from having their own wine or beer and there was no kitchen. It's a cool building in a quiet street that's not too hard to get to by tube or night bus. Only real gripe is that the internet facilities are poor, no wireless and the rates for the computers are high - plus they don't have skype and limit internet use to pretty much just web browsing.  , USA ()
4   Good Our room was clean, and the hostel is very nice. The staff are helpful and it's only a short walk to the trains. It's a little pricier than other hostels in London, but it is also a little nicer. In retrospect, given that London is frightfully expensive, I'm not sure I'd stay here again, but I would still give it a thumbs up if anyone asked how it was.  , Australian ()
5   Cleanest hostel of trip this place is great. it is close to the tube (seven-minute walk), near convenience stores (four-minute walk), and has a great staff. the breakfast was bountiful and good. most importantly the showers and beds were clean, and it is possible to get sleep at night!  , United States ()
1   Meh. This place is great, if you want a hostel that's far away from the action and is pretty lifeless. You won't really meet anybody here and you'll just stay pretty quiet. This hostel got a bad rating from me due to the maid deciding to take my bad and toiletries and pyjamas and place them next to the front door even though I had requested another night. What kind of hostel does that? The night front desk person woke me up to see if the stuff was mine and sure enough it was. Even though he had convinced me that losing my bag was my own fault. Listen. This place might have a nice bed, but for location and price you can definitely do better!  , Canadian ()
5  This is hands down one of the best hostels I have been in. Quiet, safe, clean, spacious, helpful staff. No other comment than that it was great. Highly recommended.  , Canada ()

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