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Elephant Backpacker Sydney

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Elephant Backpacker Hostel is Sydney's cheapest backpacker accommodation in an old building next to the Elephant Cafe & Bar.

The Location

It's located between the CBD and Kings Cross -- Sydney's famous party and disco district. The building is at the corner of Crown Street and Sir John Young Crescent and about two minutes east of Domain Park. You need a seven-minute walk from the St. John Station (Free City Circle Bus) and ten minutes to King's Cross where the next bigger supermarket (Coles) is located.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The cheapest room is an eight-bed dorm, which is pretty big and contains comfortable beds with good mattresses and clean linen. The rooms and floors are filthy and a bit dirty and there is no fan in the cheapest dorms. But they contain many lockers, half of which can't be locked anymore, and plenty of power points. There are enough showers and toilets but most of the shower doors can't be locked anymore. The amenities are separated between male and female.

Common Spaces

All of the common spaces are filthy and even if they get cleaned several times a day they never look or feel clean. The kitchen is poorly equipped; you need to exchange your room key if you want to borrow plates/cups. The dinning room feels also dirty, just as the living room, which comes with a TV and book exchange. The laundry machines can be used for a per-wash price and the hostel provides free luggage storage but the room is never closed. No free stuff such as breakfast, coffee, or Wi-Fi is included. The non-free Wi-Fi does not work in the rooms of the second floor.


The atmosphere is cold and the common spaces are not very inviting, but as this is the cheapest hostel, the value you get for the low fee is more or less ok. For short stays to save money or if you are working the whole day and just need a bed or partying most nights in Kings Cross and just need a cheap bed within a short walk, this hostel offers at least cheap and mostly comfortable beds. If you seek a clean surrounding with friendly backpackers and a place where you'd like to stay during the day, we can't recommend this accommodation.

by Armundo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
April 2013

8bed DormShowerLiving
Dinning8bed DormBuilding
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   It needs lots of repairs The people from reception are nice, handful and try their best to solve our problems. The Cleaner try hard to keep things going. But the building does not help -- the kitchen has a tap that works but it is not fixed, the toaster does not work, the stove needs repair. The toilets are a history apart -- a sink is almost falling, the other is already broken. The light went out in one box, the other has no lock. The owner must visit the location and start to repair, because the guests will not take care of the remaining working thing if it continues to be so badly needing repairs. I strongly not recommend, besides the people who work there.  , age 58, Brazil ()
1   Terrible hostel very expensive for this service, got an motel for the same price. very dirty showers and toilets, light was not working in two of three toilets, the third one was smelling like vomit. people who "clean" are guests from the hostel, and are not at all enthusiastic about their work. smelly, smells like beer and cigarettes everywhere. no wireless, although it was said on the homepage. very noisy, drunk people, fire alarm in the morning. staff behind the desk not very friendly. The room was ok. only 10 min walk to the city centre. worst hostel we have stayed during our journey.  , Austria ()
4   Location and price good Stayed 4 nights with friends in female dorm. Hostel is next to city centre and opposite gardens. it is peaceful at night and has beautiful views of city from roof. they have a new cafe that sells good priced food all day and night. Staff were helpful and gave us tips on trips and places to go. we enjoyed ourselves and would plan to come back after our trip.  , Chinese ()
1   AWFUL HOSTEL -- FILTHY, RUDE AND DISGUSTING. Worst hostel we've stayed in so far. I've been traveling with friends around New Zealand for the past couple of months and we've all stayed in hostels before, so to get to Australia and be greeted with this was awful. First of all the hostel is ill equipped -- you have to pay a deposit and rent everything including your crockery. The kitchen however has nothing else of use -- no utensils or anything useful for cooking. All the pots and pans were piled in the sink sky high and there was no cloths for washing the dishes anyway. You're forced to sign a contract when you go to Elephant with all the rules of the hostel and in return they promise the kitchen gets cleaned 5 times a day -- one look at the state of the floor, microwaves and general surfaces proves this is a blatant lie. We maybe would have attempted to stay put in the hostel if the bathrooms didn't have massive clumps of hair everywhere and there were 3 discarded dirty razors on the floor -- again from a room supposed to be cleaned 3 times a day. The ceiling of the boy's bathroom apparently was covered in mould too. Management were rude and the girl behind he desk had a serious attitude problem -- they all tried to claim we had unreasonable expectations and had just visited the bathroom/kitchen before cleaning but believe that to your peril. We checked out and paid for new accom elsewhere as we literally would've caught something staying there any longer. I can't stress this anymore DO NOT STAY HERE, unless filth, rudeness and dirt is what you're looking for.  , Scotland ()
5   Friendly and Clean I had a GREAT stay at Elephant Sydney! The staff was SUPER friendly and helpful, and they upgraded my room to a 4 bed dorm just because they had the space and they're THAT nice! Everything was super clean and very quiet. HIGHLY recommended!  , Sweden ()
4   Good but noisy Room was very good and clean, big lockers. Showers and Toilets are good and clean, too. The hostel is right in the middle of Sydney. Just a short walk to CBD, only a few minutes. That's the really cool thing about this hostel! Amazing view from the roof. When we were there, there was a Punch Party in one of the rooms on the same level as ours. Some people got very drunk and were noisy until early in the morning. They threw up all over the toilet, so they couldn't be used any more. Very very good hostel with good stuff and good service. But can be noisy during nights (we stayed three nights and it was noisy all three). If you are looking for a party place, that's the one to go! If you want a quiet place, be sure you bring earplugs.  , Swiss ()
4   It was good my first time in sydney and I stayed here with some of my family and some family mates it was good. it had good breakfast and a nice room. it's not really good for kids but sometimes there was too much noise but sometimes it was nice and peaceful. I think that they need more computers and less noise but it was a nice stay and not too far from st mary cathedral and the train station, which was good. Very Nice place.  , new zealand ()

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