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Aquario Pousada - Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Aquario Pousada - Hostel is a great hostel with a good vibe on the outskirts of the main village on Ilha Grande.


The hostel is basically where civilization drops off along the coast. It's right next door to another hostel with a lively bar, so it's not silent. It's only about a fifteen-minute walk, either along the beach or through town. To get there, when you get off the boat on the dock take a left and go all the way to the end of the road. If arriving at night, beware because the path is a bit uneven. It's pretty much the last door on the left.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms and beds are decently comfortable, but they lack mosquito nets, so come prepared with bug repellent. Bathrooms are clean and showers are good, and most have working hot water (you might check before you agree to a room). The hostel is secure with the main door locked at night and locks on the room doors. There are also lockers if you want to lock stuff up.

Common Spaces

The hostel has a nice lounge, outside/deck area, and it's really easy to meet people. They have a partnership with the hostel next door, which has a lively bar and has "themed" nights where they have dinner and drink specials -- it's really a great place to meet people!


Aquario has a nice breakfast with bread, cold cuts, cheese, fruit, juice, coffee. There are lots of stray cats/dogs, so if you don't like critters, think twice. A disadvantage is that there is no kitchen at the hostel, and they don't have a water filter (and they charge a lot for bottles!). Overall though, it's a great hostel!

by Amy
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
August 2008

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Filthy! I usually am very accepting and never write poor reviews for hostels. Despite the nice location and very friendly young girl at the front desk, this hostel needs a serious review of health and hygiene policies. The bathrooms in the dorm rooms have no windows and the grout and door is COVERED in mold. I was barely able to sleep at night, even with the door closed because of the mold smell. The bathrooms become flooded and even though they mop the room and bathroom floors daily, but its clearly not enough and changes need to be made, otherwise youre stuck standing mid-foot in nasty water like I was. The breakfast is a good spread of foods, but there were too many flys and bees and other bugs on the food to make me want to eat it. The BBQ they do throw though is very good on Tuesdays.  ()
1   Very bad Upon arrival at Aquario I booked a bed in a four-man dorm for three nights, I paid up front for two nights, on my third night a member of staff tells me to that in the four-man dorm than I am staying in there is no room for me, that I should have confirmed that I was staying for another night. I had to find a hostel at 10:30 p.m. I have been staying in backpackers for over nine months and never did I have a problem like the one I had in this hostel. The staff were so rude and not helpful.  , Irish ()
4   Worth the walk the location of this hostel is breathtaking! literally right on the sea! we had to book into another hostel in the wait for a room to clear but once it did it was worth it. pros include great party each week, cheap cocktails, good communal spaces, boat to the surrounding beaches at competitive prices from your front door, kayaks available, yummy food! cons -- found a couple of cockroaches in my shoes, the cleaning we sent off didnt come back much cleaner minus a couple of items, the walk to town is a bit of a trek, but it keeps you fit. all round i would recommend the place, although you will need a fair bit of money in comparison to the rest of s. america for the whole island, but it's a fun experience!  , british ()
4   Awsome location, rooms are right on the ocean. Rooms were very basic, but the BBQ party was a real blast. Staff are friendly.  , Netherlands ()
2  I reserved a double room at Aquario hostel and upon arrival I was bit disappointed by how far it is out of the centre of town. It's hard to find, you need good directions or someone to take you there. It's a dark quiet walk at night at get back to the hostel. We were quoted 90 reals per room per night (Christmas period). As this is a hostel, I assumed this would be one of the cheapest places around. My husband and I decided that the hostel was too far from town so checked out other places in the centre. We found much cheaper and much, much nicer places to stay than Aquario hostel.  ()
3  This place was fair savage, though we did have to spend the first night in the Favallah House because there were no rooms. But it was of our own acceptance...they don't usually give it out. Great location!!  ()

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