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Railway Square YHA Hostel

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Dining RoomRailway Carriage room

Hostelz.com's Review
HI - Sydney - Railway Square YHA Hostel is very safe, as all rooms, bathrooms, and hallways have to be unlocked with a keycard.

The Location

Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia. The hostel itself is about three minutes' walk from the Sydney Central Railway station, where all trains and major buses like Greyhound will stop. The airport train leaves also from Sydney Central, or you can catch an airport shuttle that will pick you up right outside the hostel. A small supermarket inside Paddy's Market is about five minutes' walk away; a bigger supermarket is about fifteen minutes away. Twenty-four-hour convenience stores are everywhere. The free shuttle bus that runs all around Sydney stops at the Central Station as well.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel offers singles, doubles, and dorm rooms. There are four- to eight-bed dorms available, and they can be booked mixed or gender segregated. The rooms are very clean. All of them have windows and air conditioning/heating. Some of the rooms are built into railway carriages on a platform next to Central Station. This is a really unique experience. The rooms have individual lockers for every bed, reading lights, and an ample amount of clothes hooks and power outlets. There are bathrooms available on the ground floor and the first floor. There are very spacious, separate bathrooms for males and females; however, there are no windows and sometimes it gets quite warm in there. There is also one handicapped-accessible bathroom.

Common Spaces

Next to the reception area is a large dining area and a small kiosk where you can buy cereals, coffee, and chocolate bars. Next to the dining area is the large kitchen with many fridges for food storage and shelves for your food bags. The kitchen is very well equipped for cooking. On the other side of the dining area is the common area with many colorful couches, a large TV, and some coffee tables. Outside you find a small sun deck with two tables and next to them the hostel pool! Laundry facilities are available on the first floor.


The hostel offers nightly specials, like a BBQ night or pizza night where you can grab a cheap meal. There are lots of brochures available for planning your further travels.

by Teddylein
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
March 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Amazing I loved this hostel. The staff was great; the place was extremely well located; the facilities were modern, new, hip, and accessible. The kitchen and fridges were clean. The beds were comfortable. It was just such a great place. Honestly I could have and would have stayed there for a lot longer.  , USA ()
2   Not too good. I was actually unable to stay the night at this hostel, the rooms were so small I felt as if I was going to die of claustrophobia. No air conditioning and those creepy wind-open windows which only open out a tiny way (it would be impossible to get out in event of fire) It's also in an out of the way part of town - rather seedy and dangerous and you'd have to walk for quite a while to get into the city centre. The female bathrooms were a really long walk from my room and there is no lift onto the upper level - just a large staircase to struggle up with heavy backpack/suitcase. The staff attitudes were shocking, I would actually rate their attitudes antagonistic and offensive! I was able to get a room in another hostel - the wonderful Y Hotel - and was delighted to forfeit my one nights accommodation at this awful place.  , England ()
4   Liked it Lovely hostel. The option to sleep in a carriage is interesting. The trains did not wake me up. Enough space, close to the station, and very local. Nice facilities, clean! Why not staying here?! A bit more expensive than other hostels, but i think it's worth the money. A bit sterile maybe because of the size. Convenience yourself!  , Germany ()
5  This hostel is great. located at Central Railways station it is in a great spot. the rooms and building is kept very clean and everything is fairly new. I stayed in a four-bed doom and found that good, but it didn't have any air conditioning, which was a surprise. It has a nice lounge area and a small swimming pool. bathrooms were nice and clean.  , Australian ()
5  I've not stayed in a hostel for at least five years but i needed a cheap overnight option for Sydney without the cost of a hotel price. I was extremely surprised with the standard of this hostel -- great location, was very clean, the rooms were a bit small (four-bed train carriage), but they had great beds and decent-sized lockers. The bathrooms were spotless and had great showers. In all -- i had no complaints with this hostel.  ()
5  This is a really cool place. Good kitchen if you want to cook -- and not too busy as there are so many good local options for eating out! Excellent location, real character. Yes there is train noise but that is good to get you up and about sight-seeing. Bathrooms clean and the decor is funky.  ()
5  This is one of the most awesome hostels I have stayed in! It's super clean, and has a great atmosphere. I found the reception staff exceptional. Really friendly and helpful. The train carriages are a cool gimmick. These guys are setting the bar for backpacking in Sydney!  ()
3  This hostel is clean and in a great location. However I was woken up several times throughout the whole early morning due to the loud trains.  ()

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