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Bourke Backpackers

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Hostelz.com's Review
Australian Backpackers is one of the cheaper hostels in Sydney, and if you don’t mind the bare essentials, it’s a great place to stay. Many cash-strapped backpackers stay here long term not only because of its costs, but also because of its location (walking distance from King’s Cross Station.) The staff are also friendly and quite helpful.

The Location

The hostel is set in a good location -- a few minutes walk from King’s Cross Station and Oxford Street. It’s relatively easy to find, and the Sydney train system is easy to use. It’s quite near several fast food chains, and there’s a local Coles supermarket nearby. This may or may not be a dealbreaker for some, but the area becomes a red light district at night. Nevertheless, it’s still a safe neighborhood.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorms are ok -- they’re painted with bare colors, but overall, they are clean and tidy. There are four lockers per room, but you have to bring your own lock. There’s no air conditioning/cooling fan, so it might get really warm especially during the summer. Each room has a sink but bathrooms are shared. There’s a bathroom per floor. There’s a morning rush hour for the use of the bathroom, and it generally becomes dirty after a few people are done with it. All bathrooms have both hot and cold water. On the whole, it’s got the bare essentials.

Common Spaces

The common area is great for meeting new people coming from all over the globe. It has a well-equipped kitchen that has the basic essentials for folks to cook. They also have a big refrigerator for storage of guests' food. There’s also a dining table that’s right across from the television. The Wi-Fi, however, was broken during our stay, with no sign of when it’s going to be fixed. There’s only one PC for free internet and as of writing, and there’s always a line to use it because of the broken Wi-Fi.


Overall, the hotel is basic, but you get what you paid for. If you’re looking for value for money, then Australian Backpackers may just be the right hostel for your visit to Sydney.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
December 2009

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Dump Stayed here cos i was stuck for cash. its filthy and horrible the checking in staff are crying all the time due to the owner giving her bad manners all the time. there's nothing ever clean in the kitchen plus theres no oven. Then my room got broken into my one of the many homeless people that live around there and the owner didnt care such for safe keeping your stuff. And to top it off all the homeless, which is about 50 of them that live down the back ally screaming in the mornings from around 6 -- thats a great alarm clock when your trying to get a sleep. oh and your also not aloud to drink there. All round fantastic place -- not.  , irish ()
1   On my god run away! I will describe my last night there to sum up the experience I had there. There so lines of crack being snorted, weed being smoked, people bumming smokes and staying for free because there is no oversight what beds are booked or not, people f***ing in the bed below, nothing in the place is hygienic (I used to be in the military and there is more hygiene in a trench then this place), to top off all the sh*t that I went through the day I was leaving, woke up to the sight of a squashed cockroach. So I would never, never recommend this sh*t hole.  , Canadian ()
5   Great yes well you get hookers everywhere you go! and the place doesnt even have carpet! i have been here for a few months and it is the best hostel i have been in. Great friends, parties, and friendly staff!  , canada` ()
1  Worst place i have stayed in all my time traveling. the place was nothing like what it looks like on the website and is a class A sh*t tip! sinks and toilets looked like they hadnt been cleaned in months and most of the windows in the rooms didnt have any curtains. Unfortunately had to stay here for two nights but i strongly recommend everyone not to ever stay here. Manager was never there and i think most of the staff were illegal immigrants. Oh and no one was at reception when we had to leave at 9 a.m., so we didnt get our key deposit back. Classy place. please for the love of god, shut it down or just tip off health and safety about it. Not fit for bedbugs to live in.  ()
5  amazing times i had here. this is the hostel that i started my trip in and i must say, it was probably the best. no it is not clean, yes the staff is very laidback and therefor you might experience a little chaos. but who the f**ck books a hostel a few months before actually going there anyway? this is the true backpackers experience, with bugs, crazy people popping pills everywhere you look, and good parties all year through on the rooftop, drug addicts becoming your best friends. i have never in my life met as much people in such a short time. and that is what you want if you arrive in sydney for the first time, all by yourself. and the staff will help you with whatever you need, just have a sense of humor and take it all in.  ()
1  If crack dens and whore houses are your thing then this is the place for you. I booked back in May, paid for in August, for accommodation over New Year only to turn up on 30th December and be told that they had double booked my room and as a result my reservation had been canceled! I was offered alternative accommodation next door to the hostel, sharing with a meth addict who had seen better days and was eyeing up my luggage. The staff made absolutely no attempt to contact the manager (who mysteriously had a mobile turned off when I managed to get them to call an hour later), and as a result I was left over $900 out of pocket by the time I finally got some accommodation sorted. The place is an absolute joke, stay well away!  ()
1  I have to say that this place offers the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my entire life. The guy running the place made Basil Fawlty look like Hotel Manager of the Year! Myself and my girlfriend booked this hostel back in March and were asked in August to pay upfront for our stay (thank god we did not!). When I phoned in October to confirm our booking I was told the prices had gone up by 10%! Arrived in Sydney to be told by the manager that we would have to walk to the hostel as the courtesy bus was not available. When we eventually arrived we were told that we were in a dorm, I said no in a double, to which he just laughed and said in a dorm! He couldn't remember our phone conversation or the email I had sent him and didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest. When I complained all he kept saying was that they were doing their best and would constantly blame the previous management for everything! The place was dirty and by the brief view I got of the kitchen, I wouldn't want my dog to eat in it! Didn't get to look at the bedrooms as fortunately found somewhere else to stay. I think I would have rather have slept in the park than stay there. Also don't be fooled by the website as it bears no resemblance to the place whatsoever! I have only given the place one star as unfortunately zero Star -- Awful is not listed!  ()
1  Do not stay in this hostel. This was by far the worst hostel I stayed in during my trip around the world. I was only attracted to this place because they offered free airport pick up, but what they actually do is refund your taxi fare if you can bear to stay there for two nights. When I arrived, there were signs on the walls saying please move your stuff because pest control are coming! Do you need any more proof that the place is filthy and infested with bugs?! The bathrooms were absolutely disgusting with overflowing bins. It's noisy with drunk people shouting in the corridors and running up and down the stairs all night. There is a kitchen but hardly any crockery or cutlery. There are also groups of homeless people sleeping under the bridge at the bottom of the street -- not the nicest area. Do not be fooled by the Lonely Planet recommendation -- this place is a health hazard! There are plenty of decent hostels just around the corner in Kings Cross. After one night here I moved to somewhere else, which was clean and friendly with large dorms. Be warned!  ()

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