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Yakush Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great place I stayed here, off and on, for a month and didn't see a need to stay elsewhere. Helpful staff (owner of the hostel helped me get an exchange on an item I bought locally after shop was reluctant to help), fun place. The internet policy was a bit odd but so what? No biggie. If you needed anything, they'd help you out with it.  ()
5   The best New Year celebration so far (back in 2004/5) I have made good friends in Yakush. We cooked together, had fun, felt very comfortable. The people who run this hostel are very friendly, are always ready to recommend you a nice place to go and know how to make you feel at home.  , Argentina-Slovenia ()
5   Loved it! I stayed at hostels all over Argentina, but this was by far one of the best. The staff was more than accommodating and the other travelers were a lot of fun. Thanks to my great experience there Ushuaia is the one place in Argentina I feel that I MUST visit again!  , United States ()
5   Great facility, great location, good value They smartly left little flyers at the Argentina Immigration line up area in Tierra del Fuego which is where I found out about it. As well there were touts greeting new arrivals at the bus terminal passing out brochures. The location is conveniently right along the main "tourist strip" along San Martin road where all the activity happens and there are restaurants and travel booking offices within the same block. There are other slightly cheaper hostels in Ushuaia but they are mostly away from the main strip -- in some cases quite a long ways uphill. I noticed that the local young adults had a tendency to go "crusing" along the San Martin road starting from around 6 to 9 p.m. every day with their music turned up loud so if you prefer to sleep early try to get a room that does not face the main road. The place was very clean and even had heated washroom floors! All linens are provided and washed between guests so sleeping bags/sacks are not necessary but bring your own towel. The kitchen was about average for cleanliness but I didn't cook any meals there, preferring to eat out at the local restaurants. The included "breakfast" was pretty much as expected -- small bread loaves with butter, dulce, and various jams and coffee or tea and that's it. They have a bizarre policy of restricting internet usage at night on their one free guest computer at night thus forcing everybody to queue up although there is free wi-fi available. The internet speeds were very slow but that's probably not their fault so you need lots of patience if you want to update your travel photos on your Facebook account which seemed to be what just about every guest was doing. None of the front desk staff spoke any English but they were friendly and helpful in Spanish nevertheless. The price was 60 Argentina Pesos, about $17USD which, while not the cheapest, is a good price considering its excellent location.  , Canada ()
5  A fantastic place. Super friendly staff. Wonderful music. Great lounge with books for chilling out. Clean, good hot showers, yummy breakfast. The best!  , French ()
5  I am just leaving tomorrow after 5 nights at this wonderfully clean, warm and friendly hostel. It's my favorite hostel so far after 3 weeks in Argentina and I'm planning on recommending it to everyone who is headed to Ushuaia. The rooms are huge, and there is loads of space to make a mess if you are like me and like to unpack your bag within minutes of arrival. There are great hot showers and a lovely kitchen and lounge area. Definitely come here.  ()
5  This hostel is superb! It's clean like no other hostel I've been to, has a great location, the staff are so cool, and it has a nice exchange library. I totally recommend this place!  ()
5  Great location, clean like no hostel I've ever been to, the staff are cool, informed and eager to help, nice atmosphere, wonderful lounge and library... not for the party type, but really nice!  ()

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