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HI - Riga - Elizabeth's Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Elizabeth's hostel is just outside the old town of Riga. It's relatively close to both the railway station and bus station, and on a map it looks close, but there are underpasses and traffic lights which make it confusing to negotiate the way there. To get to the bus station, keep walking along the street and keep the Stockman department store on your left hand side, and walk towards the central market.

The hostel is not very well marked from the street, but there is a small sign at number 101. At the far end of the street is a good collection of Jugendstil architecture for which Riga is famous. From the hostel it is a shortish walk into the Old Town, although it is wise to stick to the better lit streets on the way back to the hostel.

The hostel has new furniture and is kept clean. There is a 24 hour reception which is good for people arriving by boat or night buses – and those who are experiencing Riga's renowned nightlife so it can be noisy at night time. Nonetheless, the bed linen and pillows are clean and the beds are comfortable. There are no lockers but having 24 hour reception is good for security.

There is no breakfast as part of the cost of staying there, but the central markets are close by and there are plenty of bakeries and small eateries nearby. There is a free internet computer which can be used although it is a little slow. The hostel is small but the English speaking staff are friendly and during summer it would get quite full.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
January 2005
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4   Familiar atmosphere I stayed 8 days in Elizabeth YH. Kitchen equipped with a microwave oven and TV. 2 well kept bathrooms. Familiar atmosphere -- I talked with a guy from there about Riga and Latvia. There were only a few guests when I stayed in winter, first week of February. Very well located, near the station, 2 supermarkets and the main bus and tram stops. I'd surely stay there again.  , France ()
4   Good value, good location, clean, and free internet The location is nice and central right by the GPO and railway station but not suffering from noise of either. Great location for visiting the Old City of Riga -- a must -- and plenty of eateries within short walking distance. The famous Jugendstil buildings of Elizabets street are about fifteen minutes' walk away and include the most Latvian of Latvian cuisines for those who can take a lot of pig fat (but it is ethnic). Altogether enjoyed this visit in April 2007 which arose to avoid the expensive accommodation in Stockholm for a couple of days. Great hostel.  , Isle of Man ()
3  If you want something cheap and close to almost everything, then this is the place. We didn't have any trouble with thin walls, but the room was huge and very cold! We had to take extra doonas from the beds that were empty. The place is very old, and though things are worn and showing their age, it was quite clean. The beds weren't too great, but the hostel was quiet so sleeping wasn't a problem. The woman at reception made a point about checking up on things, like when I got up for a drink in the middle of the night, but it wasn't too bad, and it meant we didn't have any worries about security. They say they have a kitchen -- it's just a fridge, kettle, toaster, and small microwave in the corner of the tiny common room. There isn't even a sink, crockery or cutlery, which is odd. We were also given only one key -- and there were two of us staying in a dorm, which is something I haven't encountered anywhere else. But it was cheap, close, and clean.  ()
1  I've spent the last eight years traveling all round europe, and elizabeth is the worst hostel i've been in. the only good thing about it is the location, it's in the very center of riga, just five minutes walking from the railway station, though been so close to the rail it's a problem indeed, as to say from 6 o'clock in the morning till midnight you simply can't sleep in your room, every time a train pass by it's like having an earthquake. the rooms and the bathroom are not clean properly, luckily the rooms are are overheated, pretty cool thing in the cold latvian winter, unfortunately the are not soundproofed, so you will hear anything is going on in the next rooms. the worst thing about elizabeth is the staff, very unfriendly and impolite, they consider anything you'd like to do unfair or bad, so you are not allowed to bring girls in your room, not to go home drunk nor to do anything you can consider funny. the only place in riga where doing all this is a problem -- they are really strict about all these unwritten rules and they will go checking you all the time, i do not know if the same in your country but to me it's all a crap! Beside there's only one girl among the whole staff who can speak english -- a real problem if you can't speak latvian or russian. so guys, do a favour to anyone don't go there! riga is full of hostels much better than this one!  ()
1  ok to be honest, this is the worst hostel i've ever been in my lifetime so far. dont go there guys. the only thing is acceptable is the location. all the rest is negative. it's very dirty (walls at the entrance are covered with red stripes as if someone were murdered there by a killer with a knife). the main door at the entrance was broken. the owners are old and impolite -- it's two old women at the reception. they only talked about money, they've never asked if we love the city, or where we were from. there's also an old impolite man who speaks latvian and german, very rude and impolite. they were afraid we could bring some girl into our room and have some fun, so they controlled us as if we were babies and opened the door of our room to be sure no one else were inside with us! we hated them! we had to leave the hostel and find another one. and of course, it was better.  ()
4  I stayed here for five days during my visit to Riga in Spring 2005. The hostel is very good. The rooms are warm and the heating was always on, which makes it easy to dry clothes. The staff clean the rooms daily and the linen (which is provided) is always replaced. The staff are very friendly (in particular the young Russian woman) and will give advice on what to see and do in Riga. Internet is fast and free. The beds are very comfortable. The only small point is the shower, which had a problem with the hot water. But I think it was fixed rather quickly.  ()
5  The hostel has very nice location; everything is very clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. And the people who stayed here are really great! I'll definitely come back.  ()
2  It's very cold inside the rooms and they are poorly soundproofed (you hear everything and everyone). The entree smells like ... very evil! The personnel are unfriendly and very happy if you go away. For one night this hostel is okay, but no longer. Riga is great, but the hostel was extremely bad.  ()

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