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Surf 'n' Snow Backpackers

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Hostelz.com's Review
Surf 'n' Snow Backpackers is in a great location. It is clean and the dorms are spacious but the common spaces are not.

The Location

Surf 'n' Snow Backpacker is in the city center, really closed to the Skytower, in the corner of Victoria Street and Albert Street, just next to Queen Street. The free city link will drop you on Durham Street and you will just have to walk up Victoria Street.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are clean and spacious -- even in the ten-bed dorm, you still have space to put your bags. The windows are quite big and bring good light, but the curtains are big enough for the nights and early mornings. There are big boxes under each bed, in which you can put your important stuff and lock them, but with your own lock. You will have to press a different code on each door to enter in the different spaces (rooms, bathrooms, kitchen). Some rooms are in basement, which is not as pleasant as upstairs with the big windows.

The bathrooms are clean with some hand soap and hand dryers sometimes. The showers are big, with space to change and the door will let your clothes dry (it is not always the case in some hostels or with curtains!).

Common Spaces

There is no real lounge, except the space next to reception with two couches, an book exchange shelf, internet access, and a pool. But it is quite small for a lounge. The kitchen is quite small when it is busy. It is in the basement which is not really pleasant, the windows give a view on a corridor outside in a court. But there is everything for cooking with a lot of utensils. You will get a lot of good information at the reception and can get a certificate for a postal address.


Overall, Surf 'n' Snow Backpacker is good for a short stay -- the location is great, in the center of everything, and with good bus links. It is all clean. But a long-term stay would be less pleasant because of the kitchen in the basement and the really small lounge, and especially if your room is in the basement.

by Cleopatra
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
September 2011

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Theft in secure storage Stayed in this hostel for one week. Then due to work, have to travel to somewhere else. Left my backpack in secure storage and paid for it too. The place is only accessible by staff. When i got back the bag went missing. None of the staff took responsibility for it, and ask me to just deal with it. Management exhibit the same behavior, expect me to just accept the lost and walk off as if nothing happen.  , age 24, Australia ()
1   Rubbish On all of my travels this was by far the worst hostel i stayed in -- we were given a room with no windows, the room was dirty, the kitchen facilities were overcrowded with no room in the fridges to put anything, bathrooms were disgusting, very limited laundry facilities with only one dryer working, and on speaking to people who had been there for about a month it was broken when they arrived. we also saw one morning on the cleaning rota that there had been an outbreak of bedbugs down the corridor from us. i would say do not stay here!  , Ireland ()
2   So So We also came here after hearing good reviews. The staff were all really helpful and gave great advice. The room was very basic and not very clean. We had a double room with no window, no ventilation, and just a fan on the side of the bed.  , Canada ()
2   Great location -- but that´s it I canceled my bookings after two nights in a 6bed-dorm without a window. Totally dark, without air-conditioning. Creepy.  , Germany ()
2  Arrived here with good reviews of the place only to be disappointed! The rooms themselves are ok, the four dorm we stayed in was small and no powerpoints but we have had worse. We upgraded to a double but the room was very basic and not overly clean. The only major upset we had was the kitchen. there is a thievery notice and well needed, as we lost lots of our food to thieves as well as the fridges (only two) being left open so thus spoiling all our remaining chilled food. plus point -- great location!  , UK ()
5  It's very convenient, just next to the bus station in Sky Tower. The twin room we stayed was spacious and bright. The staff was very helpful. The toilets were clean. This place must be very popular in Japan, as there are lots of Japanese backpackers there and most notices are written in English and Japanese. It seems that the place has been refurbished not long ago, very modern. Yes, the lift is really a plus! No walking the stairs with heavy baggage!  , Hong Kong, China ()

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