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Jason's International Youth Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   This place is a flop house The staff are incompetent and the conditions are horrible at best. The staff are rude uneducated drunks and drug addicts that work there for free room and board. If youre out on a limb you can stick it out for the night but my advice, get there late at night and dont sleep in the bed and find a better place in the morning. Sanitation does go a long long way.  , age 35, Aruba ()
1   This place stinks! This hostel is infested with bedbugs!!!!  , New York ()
5   Good sleep and good eats I have stayed at Jasons International Youth Hostel for over three years and most recently, after 6 years living outside, I stayed there again. I did not feel like a stranger, even though there are always new people working or staying at the hostel. The environment is people friendly for sure.  , United States ()
1   Be warned! DO NOT go to this Hostel! The owner is a nonconvicted Pedophile whom actively seeks minors on his facebook page! He overcrowds the rooms in the summertime, to the extent that its alarmed the fire marshal in anchorage. Drug addicts and Alcoholics are all that stay there the majority of the year, and YES, he has bedbugs there. He's known about it for nearly 3 years.  , Germany ()
5   Excellent I stay at Jason's in between fishing trips and I have never once seen or heard of a bedbug problem and I have never recieved one bite on my skin. And Yes Jason's has people that drink alcohol but you gotta remember buddy this is shared living; it's not a 4 star Hotel. Jason does not condone drug use either. Jason's is above all hostels in Anchorage and Jason genuinely cares about his people here. Second to none.  , U.S. ()
1   Bedbug alert Never go to Jason's hostel. There's a bedbug situation that's really bad. The whole building is infested. The bad thing is, Jason, The owner, is not sympathetic to the situation, at all, and he's quite aware of it. The atmosphere is polluted with the druggies and alcoholics, and the worse sort of dregs. The night I spent there was a 3d nightmare. What made it worse is everyone including the staff was fully aware of the Bedbug problem. instead of addressing the situation, everyone there, seen ok with it because most of the residence there, are homeless people who seem to have lost all hope. Be warned.  , Anchorage ()
4   "Best Hostel" in Anchorage I have stayed there on and off for three years. Its the only Hostel I would stay at. Especially in the Winter Season. No lock outs. Jason makes you a free "thats right" a free breakfast and every other day Dinner. He is very helpful in assisting those in need of directions. As in any Hostel things can get out of hand,all you need to do is bring it to his attention and he will attempt to resolve any issues that you might have.  , USA ()
5   Best i found out of 4 others between fishing seasons I was hurt commercial fishing, flew directly to providence hospital er and had to deal with theft, early curfews -- in be 9 pm or your on the street till morning. rude staff at 4 hostels till I FINALLY found jasons. free food and phone, international, local, free wed dinners and healthy food every morning. what a relief. also cable t.v, top notch internet and mr jason himself and the whole staff treated me like a king. Jason after seeing my situation actually cooked me a custom homemade soup and woke up for the first time in months with a feeling of peace and relaxation, on the way to recovery to go on to the chignik salmon fishery. dont waste your time trying to find a better safer cleaner hostel in Anchorage.  , washington state usa ()

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