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Sun & Moon Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great place to stay when you're in Barca we had 2x 8 persons bedroom with bunkbeds. everything was clean and for 15€ a night e real bargain. it's located in a nice street in the middle of the ramblas. 3 pubs next to the hostel, good tapas bar, KFC, Mc Donalds, starbucks. so don't look any further, this is a winner. Staff was extremely nice. rooms are clean en beds where soft. breakfast too early but who cares. not the place for a romantic getaway with the misses but for a group trip, THE BEST!!!  , holland ()
1   Bedbugs We had a horrible experience waking up with tons of bedbugs! We were covered in bites and still have the scars to prove it. Even in the most expensive apartment style room we still got screwed. They fumigated and we trusted them and found out the hard way that the bugs multiplied. The experience racked up Insurance bills and sent us to the hospital! What waste of time, when this could have been prevented or taken care of. Moments after we switched rooms they let new people stay in a contaminated room invested with blood sucking bedbugs. We did not get comped a single thing and were told we would be sent a partial refund in the mail. Six months later and barely an apology! Backpackers beware!  , Canadian ()
4  I liked it. It was clean, and staff was ok. the location is just perfect, the price is very cheap compared to other hostels. shower and bathroom were perfect. there was an air conditioning, it was cold when we came there and we turned on heater. for Barcelona and for that price it is really very nice place. I just did not like that they ask 2 euros for blankets -- that is ridiculous.  , turkey ()
1  sun and moon is horrible! I was there for one week with my class and it was enough. things are stolen! the staff doesnt want to show the control-video -- that says enough. everyone can get a key for every room! They doesnt control if its your room or not! horrible breakfast. the rooms are not clean. the water in the shower could not flow off. the lift often doesnt work. The only thing which is very good is the position in the city! Its next to La Rambla and you can do a lot of things in the near of the hostel! But the negative site is so clear that the hostel is not adviseable. I am sure that there are other cheap hostels wich are better than this!  ()
2  This is a horrible hostel. The staff are not very friendly, the air-conditioning is set on a too low temperature (you will get the famous "travelers' cold" for sure!), the common room is boring, and the kitchen is not very well-equipped. They deserve a plus for good lockers and bathrooms in the dorms.  ()
1  Me and my wife stayed in this hostal for five days in august 2006.It was enough to be stolen inside our private room.And it has a electronic and "safe" key. Someone took our camera, glasses, and mp3. And the worst was how the manager and the "boss" treat us. like nothing. They just told us "maybe our insurance will call you in one month." So if you really dont want to have problems avoid this Hostal. Barcelona is amazing! Dont waste your time in the police department cause of them!  ()
4  Me and my friend had a wonderful time there. It was fresh and clean. And most of all, we got to know so many fun and iteresting young people there. The location of sun and moon is perfect, next to La Ramblas. We could almost walk everywhere we wanted in Barcelona. I wouln't doubt to visit this hostel again.  ()
1  This is horrible! The bath is broken,the room is not clean and the employers don't take care about this kind of problems. so me and my friends thought of cleaning ourselves the room and the bath, but later we went to another hotel. Barcelona has plenty of hostels that are cleaner so don't stay here!  ()

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