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David Inn is very well located on Via Rascoli. Just 100 meters up the street (north) is the Galleria dell Accademia and 200 meters down the street is the Duomo. It is about twenty minutes walking distance from the train station. Look for Via Nazionale at the station's front exit and walk till you see Via Guelfa on your right. Turn and walk till you see Via Rascoli on your right. There is no obvious sign and the building is fairly nondescript, but just look out for the number and the geletaria which is almost directly opposite.

The hostel has expanded by adding premises within the same building. The original hostel on the fourth floor is nicely decorated but the extension on the second floor definitely needs more renovating work.

The staff is very helpful but speaks limited English. The hostel turned out to be overbooked even when we had reservations. The dorm rooms on the fourth floor apparently have no fixed number of beds with more single beds being set up as needed. The second floor dorms had a number of eight-bed dorms with double deckers and a small room with three beds.

The beds and rooms are satisfactory though the staff provide linen/blankets from seemingly random piles that are everywhere. The toilets/showers are very clean and nice but there is only a single shower/toilet on the second floor. There is a kitchen and small dining area on the fourth floor. It is great conversing with others waiting for check-in but otherwise there is no common area for interaction. Most of the guests seem to be young backpackers. There is no Internet access or breakfast provided.

To some extent, this hostel gives the impression they are trying to earn as much as they can. Nevertheless it is a pleasant and comfortable stay and probably worth the money for the location alone.
by Chinchew Ong
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "David Inn" at Via Ricasoli 31.)


Via Ricasoli 31, Florence (Firenze), Tuscany, Italy
43.776112, 11.257955 (accuracy not guaranteed)
055 230 2231
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Horrible expereince
I found this place very poor. There was only one bathroom for twenty-plus people and we were constantly waiting. We also got bedbugs! I would never stay there again.
  This hostel isn't worth recommending, actually it's pretty bad. The staff isn't nice, and the beds are just terrible. Two of them (the ones we were supposed to sleep in) were broken. Let me give you a tip. Search a bit longer before you book here.
  Do not stay at David Inn. The place is dirty and the staff are more than unfriendly — they are rude and offensive. The one toilet has been blocked more or less since we arrived. There are only cold showers. The kitchen is tiny (room for just three people to sit) and lacking in facilities. I had to buy some plastic spoons to eat breakfast with. There are no blankets for the beds, just one sheet.
  Pretty scary. We wanted to leave as soon as we opened the door to the reception area. I would recommend staying elsewhere. It just had creepy vibes.
  Okay, this just wasn't the best hostel in the world. The location was excellent, being right next to the Academy museum that has Michelangelo's David, and the big cathedral with the dome. Other than that though, there weren't many perks. It was pretty dirty and the shower wasn't great. My room was freezing and if we turned on the space heater all the lights went out in the hostel. The kitchen is small, but they have one, which is nice. The beds were really uncomfortable, so don't expect much. I met some nice people there and the location was great, so we had fun, but another hostel would probably be a better choice.
  The location is good and the kitchen is nice, but other than that this hostel is pretty gross. The room was musty, the beds were uncomfortable, the lighting was bad, the sheets were dirty, the toilets barely worked and the bottom six inches of the shower curtain were solid brown. The staff were not particularly friendly or helpful. One woman pretended not to speak English when I asked her a question (although I knew she did), and you had to hound the staff just for simple request like an extra sheet for the bed.
  The worst thing about this hostel was the false advertising. The staff were less than helpful and the beds were ridiculously uncomfortable. There is no security and no lockers. People walk in and out of your room all night long (we stayed in a room with five cots and an en suite bathroom). The walls are also paper-thin so you can hear everyone from the other rooms having their showers and talking first thing in the morning. Also, no breakfast or laundry was offered, although it was advertised, and there's no Internet or telephone access. They also wanted to charge us more than the price that was quoted when we booked online. The only good thing about the hostel was the location. It's in-between David and the Duomo, although the street was not well lit at night, and we encountered many sketchy characters during our evening excursions.
Canadian Visitor
  This place is okay, but nothing special. It's pretty boring, and when things do liven up in the common room (a.k.a. the tiny kitchen) you get told to be quiet. But the close confines mean it's easier to run into (literally) lots of people from different countries, which is cool. The staff are pretty friendly, but make sure you speak some Italian, because they know absolutely no English at all. The shower is really bad, if not non-existent, but the place is otherwise clean and well maintained. Have some gelati across the road; it's very nice. But Florence is mostly very expensive. You'll struggle to find a cheap, decent meal. Take a trip to Fiesole. It has a great view of Florence, and it's more Tuscan.

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