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Trekkers Backpackers Resort

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Dirty and overcrowded rooms -- dirt on floor, bathroom very 50s and had not been cleaned, shower over bath and couldnt access so had to use downstairs shower by pool but was abused by staff member for it. kitchen -- closed at 9pm and god help anyone who was still in there at that time. i had my things roughly thrown into the entry by a staff member and i didnt even know that it shut at nine, if they had just told me i would have gotten out instead of finding out by an act of violence! fridge jam packed and leaked constantly leaving pools of water on floor and slipping hazard. tea towels contravened health and safety laws, absolutely disgusting. alleged free tea and coffee always empty and staff not keen to refill. staff -- one in particular was exceedingly rude, abusive and obnoxious but have been informed by owner that she was earmarked for sacking as soon as replacement could be found so hope for others sake that has happened. too late for me -- would never go back there ever. what was of greatest concern was the overbooking and over-occupancy that occurred every night. our group had asked for separate beds and two of the men had to end up sharing a double bed! so they checked out early but there were still people sleeping on the lounges. this seemed to be sanctioned by staff as they all had sheets and blankets over them. im not sure whether the owner knew about this as we only saw him on our last day or whether staff were pocketing the extra money for lounge campers i dont know. there was one on each lounge both upstairs and downstairs every morning for the four days we stayed there. post childers, by law there has to be a proper bed per guest -- no doubling up or bunking on lounges, contravenes fire safety laws. paid $30 per night as a group but as far as backpackers that is high as places i have stayed in that charge that are usually purpose built, a whole lot cleaner and more often than not have something special going for them, either the hostel itself or the area its in. this particular one was far from anything and nothing more than a clapped out weatherboard converted to cram as many as possible into it. recommendation to improve -- sell to developers and bulldoze!  , australia ()
3   Don't expect too much Trekkers staff are really friendly and helpful. Free cereal breakfast. However there are only 2 shower cubicles for shared options, be prepared to wait a little or adjust your timing especially during peak periods. Bathrooms are cleaned everyday, but it can be really dirty by night. Room is tidy, but carpet seemed old or dirty. There were sand on the covers when we first moved it. Good enough place to sleep at, just don't expect much.  , Singapore ()
2   Dirty and expensive I was here for a weekend with my boyfriend. The hostel itself is very dirty and rundown. We actually stayed in the room that's seen on the first picture above. Well, it looked NOTHING like the picture. The room was dirty, the door was broken, couldn't be locked, the fan was broken, the floor wasn't clean(trash just swiped under the beds), the blinds were broken. Everything was just dusty and broken and old. On the picture it looks nice, but in real life it was a dump, and looked nothing like the pic!!! Completely different (old and rundown) furniture. The pool was dirty too. The bathroom and toilets were small and cramped. You're supposed to wash and dry your dishes, but I was afraid to touch the dirty towels! Definitely not eating there!!! The outside area was littered with trash. And we paid $40 per person per night!!!! Not worth it!!!  , Netherlands ()
2   Disappointed Very dirty place. Looked like it had been months since our bedroom had been vacuumed. There were toe nails on the floor and one of our lights was completely shot. The staff was fairly friendly, but we tried to keep away from the hostel itself as much as possible because we were so disgusted with the cleanliness. The website makes it seem nicer than it actually is.  , America ()
2   Dirty and Overrated The staff ranged from decent to unfriendly. The driver-girl who picked us up was terrible. She didn't even bother to say hello. Really poor attitude. The rest of the staff was just ok, not really friendly or welcoming like other places. Free breakfast? If you consider some Weetabix and cornflakes with only whole milk a proper breakfast, then alright. Not even toast or spreads were available. The bathrooms were not great either. Cramped and dirty with no paper towels or hand soap. The bedroom smelled damp. The carpet was filthy and the TV in the double was tiny. No heater either for the winter nights. Overall, I would not recommend this place. It got us off to a poor start in Surfer's Paradise.  , USA ()
1   It would be ok for $18 to 20 As I came to Surfers Paradise with a friend we called this hostel because we found a very nice flier of this hostel. It looked very nice, clean, new, and comfortable in this flier. As we were told it would be $31 per night per person we thought it would be ok because the rooms looked so new and wonderful on the flier. So we were picked up from their shuttle bus. This hostel is not in Surfers Paradise, it is in Southport. As we arrived we were surprised how old this hostel, the rooms and all things were. We expected much more for our money. For $18 or 20 it would be ok. In the rooms it smelled old. We had a six-person dorm with a en-suite bathroom, which was a little room with a toilet and a little room with a shower. There was one more door but we thought it was a door that is always locked. But -- surprise -- on the second day it came people through this door to use our bathroom. It was also their bathroom and that means that we used this bathroom with ten people instead of six. It would be good to know it before, because these people could come into our room too, because there was no possibility to lock our door. The breakfast were cornflakes in containers that looked like it were containers for the food of the cat before. There was a sign like the foot of a cat on it. We didn't try it. The manager was really not a nice person. I heard that from some people there. And one time somebody used the microwave and it broke. I don't know how old this microwave was but the manager was very angry and screamed in the face of this person that he had to buy a new one. I just thought that he really has a problem. For him it should not be so hard because he earns so much money from all his guests. And I felt not good in the hostel because this manager don't treat you as a guest he just treats you like somebody from that he wants to take money. Disturbing was also the old cat in this old house. Ok, it is like this with old cats but it is not so nice if you are sitting there and you want to eat something and the cat sits next to you and much spittle comes out of her mouth. And you don't know where she sat during the day and did this. I think that this hostel just wants your money. If you go there expect old small rooms. Don't expect more. And please don't pay $31 for it, it's not worth it.  , Germany ()
5  Trekkers is the best hostel that i have stayed in. me and my friend Nicky felt like that it was home from home the staff there are really friendly. The Manager is brilliant very work focused but at the same time he makes sure along with the staff the guests are ok. the shuttle service is reliable into surfers. it can be a quiet hostel or a loud hostel depending how you make it, but all in all this hostel is an all rounder. like i said before the staff are excellent they give you the personal touch! Even a cup of tea or coffee when you go in. I highly recommend this hostel and i'm coming back in less than a year that's how much i loved it!  ()
4  This hostel was very cute. Lots of things to do at night, close to main beach. My friend and I walked there everyday, it was nice. Beautiful, felt like a home. Small.  ()

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