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HI - Tofino / Whalers on the Point Guesthouse Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
HI - Tofino / Whalers on the Point Guesthouse Hostel is located right on the water of the Clayoquot Sound in the little town of Tofino on the west coast of Vancouver Island. This is the perfect place to stay to explore the Pacific Rim National Park or have a surf with the locals along Long Beach.

The Location

The hostel is found at 81 West Street, just a couple of minutes' walk from the main town centre, which makes it easy to explore the town on foot and access all the stores you need. The Tofino Bus stops a few blocks away, so it is only a five-minute walk from the bus depot. Limited parking is available onsite, but you will need to get a permit from reception. The neighbourhood does seem quiet except for the odd group of people in a property nearby who were throwing an axe at the fence quite close to where our car was parked -- which is a little concerning -- so try to park at the hostel and not in the empty lot across the road.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorm rooms at this hostel are all four- or six-bed, which means you don’t have too much noise going on. Beds are quite sturdy and all rooms have lockers. There are also private doubles as well as three-, four-, and five-person rooms; some of them come with their own toilet and sink. Each room and the front door is opened with a key, which is secure, but also a little annoying at times. There are male and female bathrooms that have a couple of toilets and showers in each, which could mean during peak periods there could be a wait, since there are only three showers for the entire hostel. During our trip, only two were working.

Common Spaces

The hostel has quite a few different common area spaces, including a large kitchen with several ovens and sinks as well as lockers to keep your dry food secure. There is also a large dining area space with fireplace as well as TV room, games room, and a sauna that is available in the evenings. There is also a patio with BBQ, which would be nice in the summer. And if you bring your surfboard or bicycle, there is a secure storage area for these. Wi-Fi is also available throughout the hostel as well as at computer stations if you did not bring your own device. It seems like a friendly hostel but it is definitely not a party hostel; however, we can imagine it getting quite rowdy during the summer months when all the rooms are filled.


This is a great hostel with lots of common spaces for relaxing and a great vibe. It is also a great place to access some discounts on many of the services the area has to offer.

by keppers
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
May 2012

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Least friendly hostel I ever stayed at -- customer service is terrible I traveled in many places (europe, africa, latin america, north america) and this is by far the least friendly hostel that I ever went to. If for any reason you have a problem, the hostel staff won't care and won't respond. In short, this hostel is a backpacker mill. Our car broke down on the way to Tofino (the clutch was gone) and we ended up being stranded in Port Alberni. We called the hostel immediately to let them know and to request a change of dates with our reservation (not a cancellation just a change of dates). And the staff answered I have no authority, I will charge you anyways. Once we arrived in Tofino one day later, we tried to find the manager who stayed absent the entire time. We got contradictory information (some people said talk to the manager, others said the manager can't do anything talk to the owner), we got yelled at. The place was chaotic and not responsive at all to our plight. To top it all, there were no extra blankets (even though it says that blankets can be provided upon request) and there was sand on our bed (which we let the staff know about) and it was extremely loud! After a whole day of trying to figure out what to do and who to talk to, we finally got a message from the owner via one of the staff. You can have 10$ off if you stay more. That's condescending... In any case, the hostel is not caring at all about its customers and if you have any kind of problem will not respond to you. So reserve at your own risks. It's sad because it ends up being bad business. We were ready to stay more time but chose not to because of the situation. It's a pretty location but There are other places in town that are great.  , Canada ()
2   Don't work for him. The hostel itself and Tofino is great!! However, the success of it has made the Owners head swell TOO MUCH! He makes it out like he "busts his back" there, but does NOTHING but get under everyone else's feet. He is an a$$ to work for as you get paid, but then he turns around and takes it back for "rent". Even though you have a work schedule, even when you are off, you are "on call" for guests to contact after hours, even though he lives in the building attached (at the back) of the hostel. His family is great, but he himself is a stuckup, arrorgant a$$!  , Canada ()
5   It was full I am sure this place was great. However, when we went to Tofino this, and everywhere else was full. Very touristy and popular so make sure to book in advance. The only/cheapest place we could find was $150 for 2 people.  , Canada ()
2  Luxurious facilities and beautifully located, granted. But this hostel is a bit over-organized, which in my opinion kills much of the atmosphere. Why do they have to clean the kitchen at 10 p.m., making the people who are still using it feel unwelcome? Same with the eating area, which gets cleaned during main breakfast time, leaving no alternative space to have breakfast. The guy I asked simply told me to find a different spot, and that he didn't care. I don't see why guests should put up with such rude and unprofessional personnel. Apart from that, the kitchen is far too small for the number of guests the hostel can accommodate. My negative comment may sound surprising considering all the very positive ones, but I can say that I left this hostel with the firm decision not to come back.  ()
5  I've stayed at this hostel many times mainly in the winter. This hostel is a great place to take children but you need to book the family rooms far in advance. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit for the sauna  ()
5  Wow!! What a place. So clean and friendly. Great place to relax. Nice kitchen to cook. We had a great time! I'll definitely return! Keep up the great work!  ()
5  Fantastic hostel! Really clean, great facilities, and very close to everything in town. All they need is a hot tub. I'm going back this year.  ()
5  The hostel is beautiful, the rooms are clean, and the location is fantastic! Unfortunately, when I was there, a big tour came in and sort of took over the place, which detracted from the experience. That being said though, assuming your fellow hostelers are considerate, this is a great place to stay!  ()

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