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Almos Hostel Budapest

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  This was the best hostel I've found in Eastern Europe. The place is really clean and relaxing, and the staff cares about you a lot! The location is excellent, too. What more could I ask for?  ()
1  This place was disgusting. The beds we were supposed to sleep in were all lying on the ground. There were times my mates and I could not get into our room. When we tried to seek out the staff, we got no help whatsoever.  ()
5  Beautiful place, great fun. These were the happiest three days of my life.  ()
3  Don't be fooled by the pictures! If you get to stay in the hostel shown then you are doing well!! We arrived and were shown to another building. The place was clean and in a good location, BUT there were no beds, just mattresses on the floor, six in one room and eight in another, if I recall correctly.(To be fair to the owners, this might just happen during the high season—we went in July). An added bonus was that to get to the room I stayed in I had to walk through the bathroom. If someone was in the bathroom you were effectively trapped in or out of your room. Staff were friendly and the place was clean and full of nice people, but it was not exactly what we were expecting!!  ()

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