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Brown Sugar Backpackers

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great backpackers lodge, a little bit far from downtown but very green Great!  , french ()
5   Fabulous stay I stayed here in 2003 ... and i totally loved it, they are fabulous and the bungalow is amazing! Loved it, go stay there!  , India ()
1   Customer Service is negative stars bad I made a booking at this hostel for the World Cup in 2010 five months ago in July. I was feeling very proud to have nailed down my reservations at a good price. Then, I received an email today saying that rates had gone up and if I wanted to keep my reservation I had to respond immediately. The price had gone from $80 a night to over $200 a night! But it is now very late in the booking process at most other hostels so I have little choice but to pay more. If they had let me known months ago of their rates I would have gone elsewhere. The owner, Liezel Roux, needs to get her act together. Don't fall for this! Book elsewhere!  , USA ()
4   Such a good place! They pick up me and drop me off two days later! I had such a beautiful time, a big room, and the possibility to meet many people coming from different country. It's a safe place, with opportunity to cock by yourself your breakfast! and its so cheap!  , italian ()
1   Be careful! The place is horrible! The place from the outside is not bad. But the people just smoke everywhere and not just cigarette. The beds are not so clean, and the owner who everyone calls. On their web page there isn't a name to contact (I mean someone with real name). Be careful, in the place there hides a dark side.  , New Zeland ()
5  I stayed at Brown Sugar for 3 nights and I absolutely looooooved it! I had booked a 16-bed dorm and I expected the worst, what I found was the best dorm ever. There were only 4-5 people sleeping in the dorm at a time, most beds were not even bunk beds, so the room was huge. The bathroom was huge as well and worth a couple of photos. The hostel is big with several areas to relax, including a pool area. A nice dinner is offered every night. There is a free airport pick-up or drop-off, which is worth a lot in Johannesburg. The area is pretty safe for Johannesburg. Very good value for money, thanks for a lovely stay!!!  , Germany ()
2  We were picked up, by their free transportation, from the airport in a beat up car- with one headlight working in the evening. We then checked in with Hans (quite an unusual character) who loves to smoke and were given our room key -- with en-suite bathroom. This is a perfect place to stay if you love dirty floors, broken blinds, pillows that are older than you, lifeless comforters, and moldy bathrooms with toilet paper on the floor since there isn't a holder on the wall. Not up to my standards -- but you do get what you pay for! Also internet was not available at the time we stayed, so we were dropped off at the nearest shopping mall for internet service only to find out it was down everywhere and then had to pay a taxi to return us to the Brown Sugar backpackers hotel.  , usa ()
3  The staff were really helpful, organising car trips to pick us up and drop us off at random places, and also let us keep some of our (massive) bags in storage while we went to Mozambique for a week. But if they recommend that you don't apply for a Mozambican visa until you're at the border though, don't pay any attention! We got into a fair bit of trouble for trusting that advice. The accommodation is nothing special -- there's so much potential, though. There was a constant aroma of pot, but if that doesn't offend you, then you'll be fine. Don't expect luxury -- you won't get it.  , Australian ()

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