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Cronulla Beach YHA Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Cronulla Beach YHA Hostel is a good option for hostelers visiting Sydney; although in a southern suburb it's on the coast with great beaches and not far by train from the main Sydney attractions. It's fairly modern and has a definite young culture, with surfing and partying high on the priority list of many who stay here. Wi-Fi is available for a moderate fee when taken on a weekly basis; use of the internet on a house PC is via the YHA provider and is expensive. Alcohol is permitted throughout the hostel.

The Location

Cronulla Youth Hostel is well located to access the beach, the Royal National Park, local shops and bars, and Sydney city. It's about a kilometre from Cronulla Station, and easily found just a block from the police station. There are many eateries and plentiful shops and bars nearby.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are not too crowded and have large, lockable lockers with individual safes in each, but the only lighting, in the centre of the dorm, is rather dim. The bunks are solid and the mattresses comfortable, and each person has a power supply. Most of the cleaning is carried out by paid hostelers so some parts of the hostel are more carefully cleaned than others. The shared bathrooms are fairly spacious, modern and very clean while hot water is available at all times. The only issue is that there might not be enough of them at peak times.

Common Spaces

There are three main common areas with smoking restricted to the outside courtyard. The main lounge room has soft couches around a TV/DVD/VCR with shelves and shelves of movies. The kitchen is large, has a very large fridge and good cooking facilities. With the large tables in the centre and a pool table at one end, it's also a popular socialising area. The hallways are covered in maps of Australia and hosteling posters. Outside there's an unpretentious courtyard where guests can drink late at night; the noise from the mixed commercial/residential area does not seem to be too much of an issue. In wet weather, the large laundry is sometimes utilised as an extra common area.


The hostel is popular with surfers and others enjoying the great beaches, and people on the under-thirty working visas, which is reflected in the style and atmosphere of the hostel. It's clean and friendly -- as older members of the hosteling world, we were accepted and made welcome, but we'd expect no less! While it did not present as an obvious family-oriented hostel, families would surely enjoy a stay there. The staff are courteous and efficient but do not show that "something extra" you get in many hostels.

by OldNomad
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
July 2013
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Dirty Drugs, booze, fights.  , Italian ()
5   Top Hostel I booked to stay 2 weeks & ended staying 6 months, its that good. Its an awesome place with awesome staff especially Mike who goes out of his way to find you work.  ()
3   Ok, if you don't want to cook Reception staff seemed friendly and helpful, and room was clean and comfortable. Security seemed ok. But kitchen was in a state -- no-one appeared to do any washing up, there wasn't much cooking equipment and if you wanted plates and cutlery you had to go and ask for them at reception, apparently, although by the time I found this out, reception had closed. Seemed to be full of surfers.  , UK ()
2  I stayed at this hostel for about two and a half weeks in April '06. Its has a great location as Cronulla is a fantastic place but the hostel itself isn't great. The kitchen is poor, there is hardly any room in the fridges, cooking utensils are rubbish, people smoke in there even though they aren't supposed to, and it's very dirty! The bathrooms aren't much better either, showers are crap/don't work well, and the floor is always dirty. On the plus side the lounge is quite nice and there is a pool table in the kitchen, but overall this hostel is nowhere near as good as the better hostels in sydney, which is a shame because Cronulla itself is fantastic!  , UK ()
5  I love Cronulla beach yha! Stayed there for 3 months. Not the cleanest place in the world but if you're out backpacking, cleanliness and stuff like that shouldn't be a thing to worry about. Lovely people all around, relaxing surroundings, great parties, loads of work possibilities-- and I could go on. I miss the place badly.  ()
1  This place was a dump. It smelled like B.O. everywhere. It was VERY dirty. Among the worst hostels I've been to. Don't waste your money or your time. There are nice beaches other places - this one isn't worth having to stay at this hostel.  ()
5  Man, I love that beach. It's the best ever and I'll never forget it. I want to give a big shout out to my girls and boys over there. I love you heaps. I will never forget Gunnamatta Bay.  ()
1  This hotel was bad because it wasn't clean and everyone was mean to me.  ()

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