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901 Rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal (Montréal), Quebec, Canada
45.520081, -73.566287 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (514) 522-6861
+1 (514) 522-1387
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I was in room F in the hostel, 10 out of the 14 people came back to Toronto with bedbug bites, I will never step foot in this hostel ever again, I went to the doctor because I thought it was a rash, he told me that I was bit quite a bit of times, when I got into the shower I found one, and in my cloths I washed them 3 times!!! NEVER AGAIN.
Age 21, CANADA
This place (543) is very dirty. Good only for partiers all night.
The Auberge de Paris has three different places with dorms. If they offer you the one at 543, do not accept unless you dont mind not sleeping at all and staying in a very dirty place.
In order to be on the receiving end of racism in this hostel, simply request a room change. I paid up front for two nights, one night in the mixed dorm and the second in the female dorm. The second evening when I arrived prepared to move to the female dorm the guy on duty started insulting me for not having moved during the morning hours. I told him that I had paid for both nights, an argument ensued. He insulted me repeatedly, did not believe a single word that I said. My family has been in this country for two hundred years, yet I am treated like a nigger in my own country. Why don't they enforce the rules of etiquette so that female guests of hotels and hostels receive adequate respect? Remember, all I did was present my key for the room change (which I had already paid for).
If you want to ruin your trip, stay here
My cousins and I recently stayed here in August and over the course of two days, six of the twelve people were bitten by bedbugs. The worst part is the room was also infected with mites and two of us got scabies. This place should be shut down by the health department. You're better off sleeping on the streets than at this hostel. Oh and two toilets flooded our room as well.
Mark Adelson
Thouroughly not impressed
Not impressed. Not impressed at all. We arrived at the hostel, the big beautiful green roofed building you see in all the pictures, and basically, it went like this -- "give me your money, here's your key, now screw on off to that building over there." So across the street we went. No biggy. But from there on in, it was crap. The rooms were crowded and the door to outside was left open. They had the metal gate in front of it locked so you couldn't close the door, so you went outside to close it there and lo and behold they piled cut down trees in front of it so you couldn't close it. And of course it rained the whole time so that area was always wet so you had to keep your belongings away from there. Plus there were lots of little ant-like critters that got into my stuff. The bathrooms were never cleaned. From 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. you weren't allowed into the common room because of cleaning, but I showered before we left for the afternoon and the bathroom was soaked and smelled like urine, and once we got back at 5, the bathrooms were soaked and smelled like urine still. Gas station bathrooms are cleaner!
  Hotel De Paris in Montreal, Quebec is the worst hostel I've ever stayed in. the walls are really thin and the rooms are extremely dirty. Oh yeah, they have bedbugs!
Friendly Traveler
  It was the cheapest place my boyfriend and I could find after getting in at 1 a.m from the airport. I think the dorm style beds were a bit pricey for what you get, I got very little sleep that night because some dude was playing his music really loud and he came in around 3 a.m. I probably would have had a better sleep at the airport for the night rather than paying to stay this hostel.
  I stayed here while I was in Montreal, and it was a good experience as long as you get into the spirit of Montreal. It's a nice hotel on top and a basic hostel underneath, probably in what used to be staff quarters. It's a picturesque, slightly worn little building with a tower on one corner, typical Old Montreal architecture, and you go up a flight of stone steps to the main entrance. The hostel is a bit small and low-ceilinged, because of the way it's built right into a hill. But it's clean and close to everything, and I had a blast the whole time I was there. There's a cafe in front and no curfew, a small kitchen and hot showers, and I met people from New York to Israel, travelers, people on business and students. You get the feeling in Montreal that there are bigger things to worry about than the accommodation, and fun to be had in every corner, including the accommodation. I went out, I stayed in, and I had a good time at both. Do you want budget, or do you want a B&B?

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