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Backpackers Hostel K's House Kyoto

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Hostelz.com's Review
Backpackers Hostel K's House Kyoto is a quiet hostel, centrally located, and perfect for spending a few nights in Kyoto. It is not a very social hostel, but this has been our experience in most, if not all, Japanese hostels.

The Location

K's House is centrally located, near the subway, and the distance to the main train station is walkable. There are a few convenience stores in the area, but it is a short walk to find restaurants or stores. The area right around the hostel is pretty barren of businesses and not much is going on. The location may be a little difficult to find the first time, so if you own a smartphone with a GPS, it would be advisable to use it to avoid walking around in circles. A printed Google map would also do.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are clean and everything looks new. The bunk beds are comfortable and each one has large drawers underneath, which can accommodate even very large backpacks. The rooms are a little crowded if all the guests happen to be in at the same time.

The bathrooms are kept extremely clean, as are the toilets, which are separate. The showers are attached to a bathtub, not in a cabin, and there is plenty of room to store clean clothes, a towel, and toiletries.

Common Spaces

There is a large common area, with many couches and a few computers. There is also a large balcony. We have found that the guests do not use it a lot, and even when they do, it is not to meet people, but rather go online or to hang out with the people they are traveling with. It is a very socially subdued atmosphere, but the hostel organises activities, so that may be an option for travelers looking to meet new people. There is a fully equipped kitchen area, and it is very easy to store your food and cook it. Many pots and pans, as well as utensils, and basic condiments are provided.


K's House's location is excellent for getting to the train station or subway, but not for going out or sightseeing. We do recommend staying here, as it is very clean, and while not very social, this is typical of Japanese hostels in our experience.

by Monica
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2014

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Solid place, very clean, bar, no breakfast K's would be a great hostel in my opinion if I hadn't had to switch beds each night for three days. I'm not sure what happened to my stay in particular, and having to pack and go through the check in and out process each day annoyed the hell out of me. But, I imagine that particular aspect of the experience is rare, and I think that you will enjoy K's otherwise. They have two buildings for dorms, both have nice and similar rooms. There is a bar downstairs which is good for meeting people at night. I did not like that breakfast was not included, and was also a flat-rate all you can eat. When breakfast is free I tend to meet a lot more travelers which I would have enjoyed here a lot. Location is near the train station and metro.  , age 26, USA ()
5   Just great! K's House Kyoto is, by far, the best hostel I've been to. Everything is very clean and organized. Beds are comfortable and there is convenient storage lockers under the beds so as to avoid luggage all over. Staff is very friendly and helpful. I would not think twice about staying there again!  , age 28, Brazilian ()
5   Stay for one day I stayed for one night over here in May 2012, it's pretty close to the station and finding it was not much of a problem as the blue sign board was clearly visible from the bus stop(costs 220 yen via bus from Kyoto station). Rooms are clean, toilets were clean too, though soap, shampoo have to be bought or bring along which are reasonably priced (soap is 100 Yen). Food is reasonably priced and drinks are pretty cheap, including shochu and sake, around 390 Yen I think. Recommended for all, cheap, clean, and convenient!  ()
5   Brilliant! Fantastic hostel, the best I've stayed in. Everything was very clean and modern, the staff were very friendly, free wireless internet, excellent kitchen facilities, cheap drinks at the bar, an extensive breakfast buffet, what else could you want? If I am ever in Kyoto again I will be staying there for sure!  , USA ()
5   Sets a new standard in excellence Incredible. The design and layout of this place is great. It's like an Ikea showroom. The whole place is spotlessly clean. There's a large comfortable common area, roof terrace or excellent bar to hangout out in. All alcoholic drinks at the bar cost 390 yen -- cheap by Japanese standards. The staff are very efficient and friendly. The rooms are very clean, comfortable and air conditioned. There are large storage lockers in the base of the bunk beds -- so large you can easily fit two large backpacks into each, but you need to bring your own padlock. Access to the rooms is via a personal-issue, contactless electronic smart card -- nice touch. The location is convenient too, about ten minutes' walk from Kyoto main train station. Be sure to book in advance though as word is getting out about this place -- whilst I was traveling around Japan, about half the backpackers I ran into were talking about how great K's in Kyoto was. I would give this place six stars if I could.  , UK ()
5  Had an opportunity to stay for five days at K's House in Kyoto and it was extremely convenient to everything, very clean, comfortable and the staff were helpful whenever approached. The facilities were very clean and never crowded. This was our first accomodation when we arrived in Japan and as such set the mood for the rest of the trip. I never felt cramped for space and the people that were staying at the Hostel were very nice. It is within walking distance (easily) to the train, subways, and most of the major sights. Great restaurants were nearby as well.  ()
5  This was a great, cheap place to stay in Kyoto. The facility is in really good shape and seems almost brand new. The common areas -- kitchen, bathrooms, outside patio -- were very clean and homey. We stayed in a private double and used the shared bathrooms. The room was tiny, but we didn't spend that much time there. The bathrooms were fine and had those wonderful Japanese heated toilet seats. Other travellers were respectful and intersting. Can't go wrong by staying here!  ()
5  This facility is of a very high order. The cleanliness of the rooms and all public areas is remarkable given how well patronized the place is. There is a relaxed lounge with daily newspapers and loads of reading material and an adjoining tatami area with a well fitted modern kitchen off of it. Tea and coffee are available free around the clock. The rooms are air conditioned, and well furnished. The double occupancy room had a TV. Staff could not be more helpful, and everyone that we spoke to at the hostel was extremely complimentary about the facilities. There are laundry facilities (one washing machine and two dryers, on the ground floor — 200 and 100 yen respectively). The hostel is about an 8 -10 minute walk from the Kyoto Station, and the map provided at time of booking gives clear directions. There are buses that leave directly from the station that pass the hostel, (numbers 206/208 and 100) The cost of a single bus fare is 220 yen, but if there are two or more it is actually more economical to take a taxi. The taxi fare is about 560 yen. Daily bus passes are available at the hostel at a cost of 500 yen, and can be used on all the city buses. Route maps also available at hostel. The buses are a great way to get around the city and the stops are announced in English and also appear in English on the electronic screens at the front of the bus. I visited K's House in early August with my wife and son, staying for three nights. Had we not been working to a tight itinerary, I would have loved to have stayed longer.  ()

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