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New Palace Hotel is not new and not a palace (except for the extremely high doors and ceilings on the 6th floor), but all the same, a good deal for money until you get sold on a tour. Highly recommend paying the price to get a bus to pick you up from the airport (organised by the hostel). No way a taxi can work with the street address. When you arrive at night (very common with flights for some reason), the hotel is on a rather dark street.

The hotel/hostel is on the sixth floor and above, so you can take the lift behind the stairs after entering. Yes, the lift doesn't have enough doors, so with no internal door for the lift you race past each level at breakneck speed. Definately eerie in the dark. Thankfully the reception is there all hours, and despite them having no idea what room you may be in, they seamlessly put you in a room, and offer whatever things you may need, towel, extra sheets, toilet paper, soap, which is a welcome relief. Some rooms offer their own bathroom whilst others are shared. Not overwhelmingly pleasent, but with thongs all is possible. And don't even worry in summer if there is hot water, you're not likely to need it.

Beds are suitable, offering one lower sheet and a synthetic blanket. But as before, other sheets are easily summoned. The pillow is likened to a rock, although a little more smooth! But with a jacket/jumper or scarf you can make it bearable, and with the heat and exhaustion of Cairo, sleep comes easily. Beds are also rather hard, but again exhaustion usually overcomes you before you can complain too loudly.

Rooms tend to be air conditioned but it is a little bit of a misnomer. It all depends on your luck whether it is cold or useless. Some rooms also have a fan to supplement the air con. It is highly recommended you open doors/windows once it gets dark to let the cooler air in. Don't worry, no malaria in Cairo mozzies.

There is also a rooftop garden, which thankfully is not truly open to the baking sun, but covered with reeds/wooden sticks. You have a startling view of the poverty surrounding the hotel in Cairo. Breakfast is included with tea (don't drink every last sip unless you want to eat tea leaves!). You also get a little bread and some jam. It doesn't start until eight-thirty a.m., so be warned if you've signed up for an early start you will go hungry. Water is bottled all over the country, and no it isn't free.

You are sure to meet one of the guest services crew at breakfast to tell you what little time you have in Egypt and sell you tour options. They will give you a booklet of other people's praise. In the end, you pay less than booking from overseas, but then still you still need to pay all the tips, food and entry, so you decide.

Response from the Hostel:

1 -Most of the new rooms now have new mattresses,soft pillows,new sheets,newly build bathrooms inside with NEW AIR CONDITION.

2-The elevator has an internal doors now,we polish the cabinet also we increase the horse power oh the motor so it improved the velocity.

3-We are not located in a poor area,we are in the heart of the city and many of the hostels listed on your site are located very close to us,but the buildings around the hotel have an empty roofs,the habit of the Egyptians that they do not throw the old furnuture or things not used by them but they keep it on the roof ,so it appear as poor area but we are located in the most expensive part of city.
by Sarah Nosworthy Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "New Palace Hostel" at 17, Soliman El Halaby St, From Emad El Din St.)


17, Soliman El Halaby St, From Emad El Din St, downtown, Cairo, Egypt
30.055426, 31.242242 (accuracy not guaranteed)
0020-2 575 1283 - 0020-2 575 1322
0020-2 575 1283 - 0020-2 575 1322
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Nice people, decent room, good location
A basic room with some furniture and balcony. Great price and very nice people. Very close to subway and walking distance to the museum and shopping area. The bathrooms could be nicer it's true, but for the price its hard to beat.
Not so good as you see from the pictures
The condition is much worse than the pictures shows. The bedcovers always have stains on it, and the bathroom is quite dirty -- water goes very slow, so when have a shower, your feet will be submerged. And we feel cheated in some travel package by the hotel, although it may be not big money for each individual, it is big for a group. I agree the staffs are friendly, so 2 star.
Owner came into my room whilst I was sleeping
I had a reasonably smooth stay here, as a lone female traveler. Besides culture shock, jet lag and all reasonable adjustments one must make when arriving in Cairo I found the amenities to be fair for the cheap price I was paying. The bed and sheets smelled, so bring a sleeping bag and your own pillow. What was most disturbing was that the owner of the Hostel who I was acquainted with only after one moment of being welcomed, had intrusively entered my room with his own key. Luckily I was awake, but why he did not knock, I have no clue. I was unsure of his intentions, but left the hostel soon after as it became quite uncomfortable and oppressive. His explanation was that he had not seen me for a couple of days and that I was not participating in the spirit of the hostel, my argument however is that I am a paying guest who has the liberty to spend her time however she wishes, even if that means going about my day and retiring to my room at night. Complete nonsense and very intimidating! I will never stay there again and do not recommend any women do so.
  it's amazing place. all people there so friendly and you will feel that you are between your family. and there is an angry man tamer who always speak on telephone and so upset, but he is so kind. just my big problem there was with washer.
My friend and I stayed at New Palace while looking for an apartment for the summer. The staff was super helpful. Reda and Makmoud are awesome. When we got violently ill (not from anything we ate at New Palace), the staff sent hot lemon water to our room. Also, when my friend's wallet fell out of her purse onto the stairs, they returned it to us as soon as they discovered it. It began to feel like home. The rooftop restaurant is great. Prices were reasonable. Rooms seemed clean. Offered internet, laundry service, room service. We were very sad to leave it and we actually went back on a couple of occasions to visit while still in Cairo. The only negative was the one guy who worked there who flirted, which we thought unprofessional and inappropriate.
It is a very nice place with good staff and fantastic roof garden
I came to this place very early morning. i was scared to be alone at the airport specially in a different culture country but i took my breath after i found the man of the hotel holding a sign with my name. i was very satisfied to be with someone. i was outside the customs area very quick and then a car was waiting for me to transfer me to the hotel so i was very pleased and i really enjoyed staying there. very clean rooms, nice staff, and good food. I was booking a tour from England so i spent one night only there. i wished that i book something with them as they were very nice to me.
Laura great place with great staff
Would return again
Stayed here for two nights and I was perfectly satisfied. Very cheap, but clean and safe. The in-room baths are simple but ok. Bring you own toilet-paper and towels! The clean the room every day and when you forget to put your clothes into the cupboard they even arrange your things on the bed. The location is good and safe. Approximately fifteen minutes to Menir Tahrir. At night the area is crowded with people hanging around in front of restaurants or shops -- I felt completely safe. They will once ask you whether you are interested into tours. I said no and they didn't bother me again. If you arrive at night, Trust in the elevator, don't think about taking the stairs -- there is no light and you will probably think there isn't a hostel at all.
Having traveled throughout Egypt for two months now, I can definitely say that this is the best Hotel I have stayed at. Not only are the rooms good value for money, the staff are excellent. They are very welcoming and extremely helpful. Unlike at other hotels where I had problems due to being a single woman traveler, I felt completely safe and happy here. I also think that the hotel is very well located as it is very near the train station and the main high street. And on top of all of this, you get a free breakfast!
Tanya McAleer

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