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Bayrams is a great place to stay and relax. When you arrive by bus (dolmus), the drivers will announce the hostels as you pass them. Bayrams is almost at the end of the line. With treehouses located in an Orange Grove, this is the perfect location to relax and enjoy the welcoming atmosphere.

The treehouses are quite spacious, with mattresses on the floor to sleep on. Bring your own lock, as they do not have a lock on them. For the amount of travellers staying here, it is really quiet at night. Breakfast and dinner are provided, and there is plenty of food to go round. The cafeteria prepares lunch for a very reasonable price. There is a bar as well, with a good selection of juices, sodas, and alcohol. You can also run a tab during your stay, which is very convenient.

The site is very well designed. There is a large common area with many tables and chairs for relaxing. There is a very modern computer room where you can access the internet for a charge (the internet service is slow, and it is much cheaper to walk down the street to use the internet cafe). There is a brand new ATM close to Bayrams if you need cash during your stay.

The toilet facilities are very modern and clean. The showers work well and there is a lot of hot water.

Bayrams is very close to the beach and the shops in the area. Be aware that to get to the beach you need to pay a small entrance fee as you walk through ancient ruins on your way. The admission is good for one day and you can come and go as many times as you want.

There is frequent dolmus service to and from the area. There are also excursions offered by the hostel, including the Chimera Flames. You get picked up and dropped off right in front of Bayrams, which is really convenient. The staff are very helpful and do what they can to make your stay great.
by Nicky Cutter Staff Reviewer
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(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "Bayrams Treehouses" at Bayram Pans'yon.)


Bayram Pans'yon, Kumluca, Olympos, Antalya, Turkey
36.394112, 30.471614 (accuracy not guaranteed)
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Nice relaxed place, closest to the beach!
I really enjoyed the relaxed laid back ambiance of this place. I only technically stayed, since I was actually booked in at another hostel, which I payed for! However, since friends were hanging out here on the comfy floor furniture and the staff were so friendly and turned a blind eye to me having free food, it is only fair I give a comment and a thumbs up to this place. From smoking water pipes, to playing endless games of backgammon or walking to the nearby beach and chilling to the variety of music in the bar while munching on the best food in Olympos. Life does not get much better than this, and for relaxing and gentle ambiance Bayrans is the place. It just has to be visited. Its number one qualities, great staff, relaxing atmosphere, and location to the little shops available and beach and night entertainment. Come visit and enjoy.
Tony Giles
Tons of fun!
I stayed there in the summer of 2008, I would go back anytime! Close to the beach, amazing food included with room fee, totally relaxing atmosphere during the day, lots of fun at night. don't hesitate!
  THE greatest! Closest to the beach, with tasty oranges and the best dinner around!
Allison from Canada!
  I had an awesome time with you guys for the few days I stayed at Bayrams a few weeks ago! It was so relaxing after such a busy and stressful holiday, and I would come back any day, especially for a massage from Anna. (And to finish what I almost started with Savat, who is one of the biggest hotties I've come across in Turkey — he made me want to stay longer. Ha ha.) Maybe I will come again to visit one of these days! Thanks again! Sarah (
Sarah Fowler from Australia
  Always great.

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