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Casa della Giovane

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Hostelz.com's Review
This all-girls hostel is in an attractive building - replete with flowery courtyard - in a good location in Verona. It's close to the sights but a bit of a hike from the train station (20-25 min). The vibe here is casual, low-key and pretty quiet at night. (Perhaps this is because of the 11 pm curfew.)

Overall it's very clean. But the bathrooms (shared by a large number of girls) can get a little funky. Be prepared to stalk out a place in line to get in the shower!

In the dorm rooms, there are beds for approximately 11 girls and women. Sheets are provided for free but they don't give out towels. The bedroom is arranged as a loft on two levels, giving it all a rustic sort of feel.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
January 2004

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Nothing like it is advertised I booked through a booking site. Unfriendly check-in with no information about the hostel given and sketchy directions to the room, which was not easy to find amongst the maze of corridors. Contact with another receptionist on the following day was friendlier. A high ceilinged clean room divided into 2, the bottom half with no natural light containing 5 single beds, and on the platform above even more beds including bunks, though with a window. The bathroom was very dirty, but superficially cleaned on the following day; too many women for 1 bathroom. There is also an alcove with 2 wash basins. The hostel is home to homeless/needy women and this is rightly their priority, however, it makes for a strained atmosphere. The paying guests are treated as outsiders. There was a great deal of noise very early in the morning with women arguing and children screaming, which added to the constant noise of alarms and mobiles that were not switched off during the night within the room.  , Australian ()
1   Can I give negative stars? My 19 year old daughter tried to stay there. She had a reservation and her train was running late (surprised?). Knowing the Casa had a curfew, she called to alert them that her train would arrive at the time of the curfew. They told her that because she had called they would let her in. When she arrived 15 minutes after curfew, they refused her entry and literally shooed her off the doorstep at 9:15 at night. She had never been to Verona. Had no idea where to turn. I call that uncharitable to say the very least.  , age 50, USA ()
4   I have stayed here several times before. It is conveniently situated I have stayed here several times before. It is conveniently situated in a very quiet and attractive part of the old city. I feel as if I am stepping back in time as I enter those huge doors and walk up the wide staircase. It is very clean. I will use it again.  , South Africa ()
4  I found the hostel good. It was clean and the ladies on the reception were very friendly and helped by any problem. The rooms get every day clean, so they were ok, mainly the beds were comfortable! A con was that you have to share the bath with eleven other people and that you get up in the morning if some one go in bath or something else that make loud noises. But all in all it was very good for the price of 13.50€ per night. The hostel is not to far from the center, to Piazza del Erbe just seven minutes and to Piazza Bra fifteen minutes for walking. I would stay there a second time.  , German ()
5  I stayed in this hostel in march, and it was great. There was a room for eleven people and I shared it with only one other girl, so we had a bathroom on our own. Very clean, friendly staff!  ()
4  We were in Casa della Giovane in November, so there weren't many people. We paid only 13 euros per night. The hostel is in the center, it's clean and there are no sleeping bags allowed so make sure you take warm clothes, because it was pretty cold at night. Sheets and covers are supplied. There's a curfew at 11 p.m., but it's no problem, because Verona is a small city so there isn't much to do in the evening. There's no kitchen for visitors! We were in the room for 11 girls, so if it's full there may be some problems with the bathroom, because there's only one shower.  ()
3  Clean, quiet and cheap hostel. I only paid 14 EUR and it was a fine place to stay. Good beds, good shower, but not really a place to hang out, party or meet lots of new friends or so. But it was ok to sleep in and pretty close to the city center.  ()
4  This hostel is very clean, quiet, and central (much closer to the sights than the HI hostel). I paid 13 euros for a 3-bed room that I shared with just one other woman. You can't beat that!  ()

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