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Love Lane Inn

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There can't be a friendlier welcome in all Georgetown than at the Love Lane Inn. Perhaps the name rubs off on the staff and assorted travellers who congregate in the café along Love Lane. This lane leads into the heart of Chinatown and is filled with incense sticks from roadside shrines, children going to and from school and men drinking in the cafes or repairing bikes. Love Lane Inn is run by a Taiwanese traveller Jimmy who appears to come and go somewhat. I missed him unfortunately and for all the travel advice I wanted everyone (even in other parts of Malaysia) just kept saying, "ah you need to ask Jimmy" as if he was the source of all wisdom and knowledge. Guess I'll never know!

The great thing about Love Lane Inn are the common areas that are well used. There's the café on the street, another common room out the back where you leave your shoes if you are going upstairs and another room at the top of the stairs. The two dorm rooms are up here. Both have four bunk beds to sleep a total of 8 per room. They give you sheets here and the bathrooms are clean. And they aren't strict about check out times. I've already decided if I come back to Penang, I'm going straight to the Love Lane Inn. See you there!

by Jo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
January 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Terrible, not recommended No air con, dirty, smelly. Would recommend spending a few extra dollars and staying across the road.  , New Zealand ()
4   Nice and spacious. Good place to night for transfers to Pulau Langkawi Big Rooms. Freindly Owner. Central place, very near to Bus routes. Can have a night walk in the Pier sometimes if you are lucky grand receptions and see Butterworth buildings glowing like stars. Very convenient to walk to pier to catch the Early Morning Ferry to Lang kawi. Good restaurants in and around. The advantage is you will wake up early by the bike sounds of good looking girls being dropped back into their dens.  , INDIA ()
4  not bad. i'm a malaysian and i enjoy my stay there. check-in at 7 a.m. doesnt have problem at all. and the lady (the owner's wife i guess) is very very friendly and helpful. the price so cheap i wanna stay longer if i could. the owner also invite me to come for their christmas party.  ()
2  Err, friendly wlecome is not how I would describe the Love Lane Inn. Denial of our initial booking, then they "found" our room after we showed them a prinout of our online reservation. We also decided to stay for 2 nights not 3, and what proceeded was a hissy fit from woman on reception, insisting that we paid for all 3 nights regardless (had already paid the deposit for 3 nights). We left after the first night. Incidentally, the walls are paper thin wood partitions with gaps at the top, so you can hear the next room's occupants breathing. Not recommended.  ()
1  Do not trust the management at this place. I'm 99% sure that the manager or someone in the staff stole my mobile phone when I visited them. I'm pretty sure it was the lady working in the reception. Sometimes you get really dissapointed =(.  ()
4  I did not find it as bad as some of the reviews suggest. I had a room on the ground floor. The street noise — what street noise? There are two common areas there. One is a TV-viewing area and the other contains loads of brochures and information about Penang. It also has a pleasant outdoor sitting area and a really cheap Chinese restaurant next door that serves breakfast.  ()
1  Oh yuck! I am disgusted by all those filthy beds! This hostel is like sh*t! Foreigners, don't ever go to this hostel!  ()
2  If you take a room on the ground floor at this hostel you may as well sleep on the pavement outside because you can't sleep due to the noise of traffic zooming up and down. The prices they quote for onward travel and trips are way OFF. Don't fall for the charm.  ()

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