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GastHaus Bremer Backpacker Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
The gasthaus is close to the main station, although it can be a little confusing to find Emil-Waldmann-Strasse at first. There are several exits from the station. Find the main one and head for the post office, turn left on An der Weide, and then it's easy to find the gasthaus.

The rooms are kept spotless and do not have bunkbeds, which is a nice change. But on the other hand they don't have curtains, which is not so good. The gasthaus is close to some of the nightlife areas which is convenient, but also guarantees that some of the guests can be quite loud in the early hours of the morning if you would rather go to bed early.

The common spaces are big and airy with internet access available and a range of books/magazines. The kitchen is large and contains the usual range of appliances.

The main down side of this place are the bathrooms. Whilst they are kept clean and the water pressure and temperature are good, there is only one men's shower-room, which is communal.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
June 2005
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4   Very clean and Quiet The person Slavie at the reception was helpful. The rooms were clean and location was good. near the central station.  , India ()
3   The place is ok, some of the staff are very rude I have been staying at Bremen Backpackers, also known as Gasthaus. The facilities are pretty good, and the location is ok, but they have been quite rude. I changed rooms last night, and paid for the new bed. They then booked another group in, taking my bed, which was quite annoying. What really got to me was that one of the staff was pretty surly about it. I said I would move rooms as a favour, but I did not like to be spoken to like that. He did not improve, and started talking about calling the police. I spoke to the manager on the phone, and she initially apologised, but basically said "Well, it happens. We have sixty guests and sometimes staff get stressed." I have traveled a lot, and this is the first time I have ever had a hostel employee taking out stress on me as a hostel guest. Some other guests had been making noise overnight, which clearly was not right, and I had suffered from it a bit myself, but sort of let it pass. The hostel staff were actually shouting at them the next day. This is not professional. Taking action at the time would have been appropriate, but to shout at customers is not something I find acceptable. Also, I was sitting in my room, and new guests came in. I was sitting on the next bed sewing a rip in some shorts, with some music on my laptop. An employee told me "you have to get off that bed now, and you have to turn off your music." Some of the staff are quite nice, but a lot are not. If the management has an attitude like that, there is an underlying problem. There are other independent hostels in Bremen, use those.
Response from the accommodation: Dear Joel, although the inconvenience of moving rooms because of a discomfort feeling with your room-maids as well as your feeling of a rude behavior from our side caused an unpleasant recall of your stay here in Bremen, we do hope to have a chance to do better during your next visit with us. We'll further discuss the matter here with our staff, because our goal is to make everybody happy and provide the best service possible in order to reflect a most unforgettable pleasant stay. In your case it seems that we've failed. Please again accept our apologies. We'll do better next time - promised! Sincerely, Lars H.T. Lueders on behalf of all staff members  , UK ()
5   Second time here, still one of the best hostels I know This is still one of the best hostels I know. And they even improved a lot. There are new shower rooms on the upper floors, private ones. And the location is ideal, a short walk from the station, directly in the city center, and no traffic noise. Staff are friendly and helpful, met loads of interesting people. I will return.  , Finland ()
5   I had a good time nice hostel, good atmosphere, clean place, ideally situated, great people (guests and staff). something strange did I see -- a guy does not want to leave, does not want to pay for his staying on, threatens them with giving bad reports, and warning people off this hostel, made me feel ashamed of being Australian.  , Australia ()
4  Me and three mates stayed here for the weekend in March '07 and thought the place was fine. It was well located, close to bars, and a short walk to the old buildings in the centre of town. The place was spotless and we got our own private bathroom for only 5 euro extra per day, well worth it. The fact there were no bunkbeds too was great. The only downside was there were only these thin curtains so as soon as the sun cranked up it was wakey wakey. Cheap student bars nearby and also a strip club (if you're into that sort of thing!). 10 euro cab to the airport. Don't hesitate to book.  ()
5  I've been there shortly after its opening -- the whole hostel seemed almost unnaturally clean and spotless. The staff is helpful, the rooms are spacious and so are the communal areas (well equipped). The only downside I remember is that the bathroom had a form of a room with showers sticking out of the wall with nothing in between them -- rather distressing. There was about ten people in the hostel apart from us, so it seemed rather empty, though I'm sure it gets more lively in the summer. It's very close to the train station, some five hundred meters from the Market Square -- good for seeing both Bremen and the region. I visit Bremen quite often and will certainly stay there again -- it's large enough to have an almost hotel-like standard of privacy if one wishes so and friendly enough to allow to meet some new people easily.  ()
4  This is a first-rate hostel. Friendly owners, central location, extensive facilities and social without being too much of a "party hostel." Definitely give it a go. Pros — Clean, lots of windows, spacious rooms, NO bunk beds! — Facilities include comfy lounge with cable TV, well-equipped kitchen, library, heaps of tourist information, reasonably cheap laundry. — Wonderful staff who are friendly, helpful and humorous. They give everybody a full tour on check in, which is a nice touch. — Very central location a few minutes from the main station, but a bit hard to find. Cons — The reason I won't give it five stars: showers are communal which I absolutely hate. It's quite a small hostel, however, so I had no trouble finding a time to get the shower to myself!  ()
4  Very clean and tidy hostel — clinically German some might say. Having said that, we had an enjoyable time here and used the kitchen and common areas extensively. Staff were more than obliging.  ()

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