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Baobab Beach Lodge & Backpackers

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Hostelz.com's Review
Baobab Beach Backpackers is a beach hostel that is well situated in the town of Vilanculos, overlooking the Indian Ocean. It is a well-contained hostel with a large fence running around the perimeter, an abundance of parking spaces for those with cars, as well as a restaurant on site that can provide food at a reasonable price. The hostel also has wireless internet for keeping in touch with the outside world.

The Location

The hostel is located right on the Indian Ocean, with a large property that sprawls out to give the place a large feel. Despite being on the ocean, very few of the buildings actually take advantage of the view, with the exception of the high-end rooms, and a few patio areas that overlook the beach. As for its proximity to town, the hostel is a short, five-minute walk to the main road that runs through Vilanculos, giving visitors easy access to banks, restaurants, and other tourist activities.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The dorm rooms and bathrooms are very simple structures, made of a thatched roof, and reed walls. The beds are fairly average for a hostel -- not the most comfortable, but not the worst, either. The bathrooms aren't dirty, but aren't spotlessly clean places either. On the bright side, they do have hot water in the evenings, with wood burning water heaters to provide a nice hot shower. There is also a nice lawn toward the entrance of the hostel where overlanders and campers can park or set up their tents.

Common Spaces

There are a number of common spaces at Baobab that give the visitor an opportunity to mingle with other travelers, or a place to get away. Since the property is large and sprawling, there are a variety of different areas where you can get away and appreciate the view of the Indian Ocean without having to share it with the other guests. There is also a community kitchen where guests can cook their own food. There is a shortage of pots and pans, but other than that the kitchen is fairly spacious.


Baobab Beach Backpackers is a good hostel that is located in a fun, touristy town in Mozambique. Despite having some areas that could use improvement, the hostel is overall worth a stay.

by Richard Ballentine
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
November 2013

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5   The best choice by far in vilankulos Baobab beach lodge is one of those places where you don't want to leave. Marina, the wonderful lady who runs it, is one of the sweetest, most helpful people i met in Moz. Delicious food, great people who work there, excellent place to meet other travelers, it seems that everyone stays here! 5 stars don't do it justice, 500 stars would be better!!!  , age 29, greek ()

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