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Curzon House

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Not great atmosphere Not the best atmosphere for solo travelers. More like a cheap hotel. They had trouble working the credit card machine so I had to go to a cash machine to pay with cash.  , age 35, USA ()
1   Abysmal What a dive! My eight-room dorm was tiny, with barely enough room to squeeze our luggage in beside the bunks. The promised "en-suite" consisted of a filthy bath and a sink. The two essential features of an en-suite -- the shower and toilet -- weren't even located on the same floor! The carpet on the stairs was held in place by duct tape and the handrail had broken in places -- a definite concern! Breakfast is ordinary (cereal and coffee, just don't expect milk to go with either of them). Luckily there's a twenty-four-hour Sainsbury's nearby, so it's easy to skip the provided breakfast and sort something out for yourself. It's also very close to the tube and within easy walking distance of the V&A, Natural History Museum etc so there's no need to spend any more time than absolutely necessary in the shabby hostel.  , Australia ()
3   Stayed here for one month. I stayed here for one month. It was a laid back atmosphere but people always willing to go to the pub, which is only a few minutes' walk! Good location, nice and central. Helpful staff except for the girl that lives and works there. Very sour person! They don't clean it very often and there's an alcoholic bloke that lives there and urinates in the room.  , New Zealand ()
5  Staff are lovely, extremely clean. Not a single cockroach, mice or anything to be seen. Would definitely be back here next time I am in London.  ()
1  Don't bother with this place. It's dirty and has many cockroaches and mice, noisy, smells terrible, and has nothing to offer. not worth your money at all. I'm not fussy but the atmosphere is off putting, the staff need to pick up their act.  ()
4  The Curzon is great -- and gets better every time i go back. I first stayed there in 2003 and go back every time i'm in London. It is perfectly situated -- right in the middle of Zone 1, straight down the road from hyde park. Sure the place is old, but it gets regular maintence -- i should know. It's different every time i go there. But one thing stays the same -- the great atmosphere. As soon as you walk in the door you feel at home. The staff are friendly and will help in any way that they can - and the people are met there are what made my time in London so memerable and made me want to keep coming back. The lounge room and kitchen are great social areas -- perfect for meeting poeple. And the place is definitely clean - no cockroaches. Haven't seen any during any of my four visits. It's not a five-star hotel but it's definitely a great hostel, and i will keep coming back.  ()
2  The Curzon has a fantastic social atmosphere with great staff, but they should really do more to keep it reasonably clean. The place is infested with cockroaches! I'm not a picky snob, and I'm not afraid of slumming it to save a few pennies, but this is unacceptable. I stayed for two and a half weeks in June/July 2004 and they only cleaned it once during that time (they sent notes round the dorms, warning everyone that they were doing a "Big Clean"). Come on, this just isn't on! I'm giving it an extra star because of its friendliness. But if they don't sort out the cockroach problem and get closed down, they'll have no-one to blame but themselves.  ()
5  Stayed at Curzon on and off in June 2004 and looking up the site and seeing the photos of the dear old place made me look forward to staying again this year. Yes it is grubby, noisy and old and situated perfectly, fun to be at and with fantastic staff.  ()

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