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Rainforest Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Rainforest Hostel is a private home with hostel beds available.

The Location

This hostel is located on a main highway and a car is necessary to get around as there is no public transportation in the area. The location is beautiful but not convenient for those without a vehicle. The town of Forks is not within walking distance -- it is located approximately twenty-five miles north of the Rainforest Hostel. There is plenty of parking in the hostel driveway. There is an RV Park within two miles that has a gas station with a minimal amount of convenience supplies for sale.

Rooms and Bathrooms

This hostel has two rooms for guests -- one is the women's room with three bunk bed sets and the other room for men contains one full-size bed. The men's room is probably also used as a private room since it contains a full-size bed. You have to rent the sheets. There are no lockers and the rooms do not lock. There is plenty of room for changing in the bedrooms.

The bathroom has a shower and the conditions are ok, but there is some mold in the shower stall. Overall, this is not a very clean facility.

Common Spaces

There is no TV. The living room has two sofas as well as one computer station that is rented by the minute for internet users. The kitchen is shared with the regular facilities. There is also a small dining table for guests to use. There is no laundry facility, pay phone, or wireless internet.


In addition to the reasonable room rate, each guest must complete a household chore the following morning. Check-out time is 11 a.m. In order to access the hostel, guests must check in for the evening by 9:30 p.m. Guests are not given keys to entrance and the bedrooms don't lock. We do not recommend this hostel for someone that has allergies as the level of cleanliness is not high. There is a musty smell in the bedroom and the place just seems dirtier than normal.

Also, the owner likes to talk politics and we do not think that is a good way to do business. If opinions differ on politics, that can cause an argument. Our opinions on politics happened to differ from the owners -- we did not argue over them, but it is not the best subject to communicate in a business setting.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
September 2007

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Protecting his garden from elks arrived there at night, slept in car and getting ready to leave & i hear ya want a shower. so i pay 2$ for a shower, then i'm getting ready to leave and he points out his back window at a herd of 20 elks as he says i can stay for free, he'll feed me smoked salmon. if i help him dig holes to put these huge fallen trees with the branches sawed off around the perimeter of the garden. he was a nice guy. a friend brought over tons of wild sage and piled it in the garage, that seemed good so that is where i slept. did some hikes in the rainforest, and hiked the shorelines with craggeys teaming with vegatative growth. house a bit unorganized, but nice stay.  , USA ()
4   Great "Experience" The owner Jim is a helpful, interested and interesting person, with an awesome garden. He even offered us an excellent and very fresh breakfast. We had not planned in advance to stay there, but after climbing Mount Olympus, a shower was welcome. Great backyard to play frisbee. It's a good, quiet place and really affordable. Of course the house and the rooms could be better cleaned, but the bathroom was neat and you can get clean sheets for 1$. Overall, great experience for a really cheap price.  , age 30, Canada ()
4   A port in the rain I stayed in July of 2005. After biking down from Port Washington and after visiting the Hoh Rain Forest I ran into the first bit of rain. I really needed a place to stay and this was a lucky coincidence. Cheap, a stop better than camping. I got my first real acquaintance with the Pacific Northwest from Jim. (I was coming from Chicago and was amazed at the difference in culture and weather!) I've stayed in many places both better and worse. By comparison, I'm glad I got a chance to stay here and was a little sorry I didn't stay another day.  , age 73, USA ()
1   Why is this place still operating? Two years ago I sent my deposit for a several-night stay at the 'hostel.' Using the schedules posted on the website, I started the day-long journey from Seattle, via several buses. After two bus rides I found that the schedules on the website were way out of date, and I was stranded in a town far from the hostel. I called Jim, assuming he'd be apologetic & upset by the misinformation. Wrong! He was defensive & angry. I managed to get back home & gave up on my vacation. I just revisited the website -- and the same outdated schedules are still posted! I emailed Jim, who said yes, they are inaccurate, and I'd need to do my own research to figure out the transportation!! But no concern that he's posting inaccurate info on his website. I wish I knew how to remove the inaccurate information, so no one else will get stranded just because the 'hostel' owner is so indifferent to the needs of potential guests.  , age 56, USA ()
1   I was in a bad spot and could only afford to stay through the weekend at this place with my kids. It was uncomfortable from the get-go. He's demanding how much you pay up front. And charges for sheets and forces towels on you whether you want em or not. All pillows and beds are moldy. The kitchen is disgusting. His fridge is full of oddities -- but I would not be surprised if human parts were in there, this dude is seriously disturbed. We had no trouble with him, but that was a lot of work on our part. You could just feel the wildness in his eyes, that he was on the edge of keeping his violence in check. He is so disturbing, the moment we could get out of there, we did. After all the chores were done. He insisted my 7 year old do his own chores. THAT was weird. Like, I couldn't do anything FOR him. If only I knew about this site. Go somewhere else! You think you could stand anything when you're in a bind financially, but hindsight; I would have paid the extra 20 bucks a night, skimped on food instead and went somewhere else. I left feeling like things were crawling on me.  , age 37, USA ()
1   NOT a Hostel! Creepiest place I've ever stayed! AVOID! Problem # 1 & red flag! This is NOT a hostel, it's an old guy who lives in an old house, who rents out spare bedrooms. He is also very territorial, which is weird, because he's right there all the time. Most of the buttons & burners are broken, everything is dusty. The danger factor -- he lost his temper on me in the morning as I was loading my bike, next thing I know he's in my face threatening me with a pronged weeding tool! Possibly criminal weirdness, got out of there fast! DO NOT STAY HERE!  , age 52, USA ()
1   Scary! We were in contact with Jim for a family room as we had two adults and a 20 month old. He assured us a family room and in reality provided us with a broken down fifth wheel complete with mold and spiders. The day after sleeping there the baby was sick. We were originally slotted for 2 nights but we came in late due to traffic and Jim didn't return our call after we messaged him we were running late and when we got there he didn't answer our call for assistance in finding it. He had gone to bed without setting up the space for us and then called it a cancellation and kept my check for reservation. So disappointed in the hostel and with the owner of it. Poor business practices and horrible cleanliness.  , United States ()
4   Quaint, nice break from tenting I quite enjoyed my one night at the Rainforest Hostel. Jim gave my boyfriend and I very cool local exploration tips we wouldn't have found in a guidebook. Yes, it was not tidy, and yes, I was slightly disconcerted when I discovered we were chilling in someone's house but Jim was good company for us and we met some interesting people. It was a hostel experience not a 5 star hotel, which is all one should expect for $10 a night.  , Canada ()

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