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The Outermost Hostel is great. They took one of those little cabin rental places and just loaded a bunch of old bunk beds into the cabins. If you go with a few friends you can get a whole cabin to yourself -- none of the cabins has more than seven or so beds, and some have as few as four. Each cabin has its own bathroom, which are very clean, with good hot showers. Sheets, blankets, and pillows are provided.

Its location is ideal, sitting up on a hill just two blocks from the center of Provincetown's main drag, Commercial Street -- literally in the shadow of the Provincetown monument. And it's only three blocks from the water's edge. It's very easy to get to off Route Six, the local highway, and there's plenty of parking. It's also about a seven minute's walk from the ferry and bus station, and is about a mile from the beginning of the Cape bike trail. The management is local, friendly, helpful, and gay-friendly.

It's quite inexpensive for an American hostel. There's a cabin with common space, with a kitchen, living room space, and extra restrooms. While there is no internet access at the hostel, there is an internet café a few blocks away on the second floor of the Whaler's Wharf.

There are only a few drawbacks to this hostel. The first and most notable is that the beds are rather old and lumpy. New mattresses, and in a few cases new bed frames, would be a huge improvement. I got a blissful night's sleep regardless, thanks to the lovely sea breezes and comfy blankets, but one of my traveling companions had a restless night thanks to the lumps. The other is that there is no place to secure personal belongings within the cabin. People sharing their cabins with strangers have to trust their cabinmates not to take their stuff. Many guests got around this by locking their valuables in their car's trunks.

Also, the cabin setup doesn't lend to socialization. It would be hard to start any conversations here. However, P-town is such a social town that you could more than make up for a lack of new friends just by walking down the street and smiling.

P-town note: If you don't already know, be warned that Provincetown is just about the gayest town in the world. If drag queens and bare-chested leather men and dykes on motorcycles and sex toy stores aren't your thing, you won't like it here. But if you're tolerant of such things, could at least crash here for the night and then book it out to the bike path and dunes.
by Erika Nonken Staff Reviewer


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "The Outermost Hostel" at 28 Winslow Street.)


28 Winslow Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA
42.052949, -70.191168 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+1 (508) 487-4378
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Great hostel in PTown!
Great place to stay! Sheila, manager & owner, was friendly and helpful. Because of my hearing impairment, she wanted to be sure we understood each other clearly. Stayed there for a weekend and everything went well! I will go back there next summer.
Still a great bargain and excellent place to stay
Been staying there for a couple to 5 nights a trip for the last 15 years or so -- maybe more. Sheila, the manager/owner, is warm and attentive and remembers folks from year to year. It's close to everything, but not so close as to be noisy or distracting. Price is fantastic -- you can't get parking for what Sheila charges. I've met some really nice folks here too. Can't say enough nice things about it.
Value for money in PTown, Friendly people, Ideal for budget travelers
If you are visiting PTown on your own or with your friends and looking for a relaxed, inexpensive place, this is the best bet. This is NOT an urban hostel with 24 hour front desk, ultra-clean rooms and wifi, but a bunch of (mixed) dorm style cabins run and maintained by a sincere, attentive woman. The cabin I was in had six beds and an attached bath with hot showers. 5 mins walk from commercial street/ ferry point (another advantage if you not driving and cannot afford to stay in a motel 20 miles out of town). A modest common kitchen with enough utensils and accessories to put together a decent meal and make friends (most of them I found were people who have stayed there on many occasions over years) while making/eating it. The room I was in had three safety lockers (that nobody bothered to use), bring your own locks to use them. Very reasonable price comparing to other ridiculously priced options in PTown. Will definitely go back.
A wonderful evening on a college student's limited budget
This was my first stay in a hostel, but won't be my last! The manager, Sheila, was very warm and inviting and was the first smile I saw through the front door. This site reminded me of sleep-away camp from my childhood as there were separate cabins, ample parking spaces, clothesline, picnic tables, gas grill, and access to a full kitchen. Each cabin had their own bathroom as well! Although it was a little chilly for an October evening, there were plenty of blankets and the beds were comfortable and warm. This is a good place to stay on a low income budget ($25/night) or for those who may just be traveling through.
I've been staying there on and off for about ten years. Owner is friendly and easy-going as are the folks who generally stay there. Low price and free parking in an area know for high prices and no parking. Cabins are comfy and quaint. Short walk to the beaches, town center, and other spots.
  I stayed here during the colder months and was quite surprised when i phoned from Boston and was almost talked out of staying there by the manager. She was friendly but was concerned i would be freezing out in the little cottage i stayed in. I usually thrive in the cold but she was right, i used four blankets during the evening and it was bitterly cold. They may have installed heating since then, but even if they have not, it is still a good hostel and worth the trip out.
Mr T
  This place is great. Only 25 bucks. Comfortable, clean, owner really friendly. Go back every year. We even bbq'd there. What an awesome place!
  A friendly, clean, well run place. The owner of the Outermost has done a peach of a job making a comfortable, safe and yet inexpensive place to stay. Sharing cabins with a others here is a breeze. Met friendly considerate people. A best buy in town for the money.
Doug Victor

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