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Uncle Johnny's Nolichucky Hostel & Outfitter

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Awesome! Uncle johnny's is a bit off beat, but isnt that what we are all looking for? This place is a great refuge, and a welcome break from the beaten path. Johnny and co. Are more than happy to supply your every need, and make your thru hike, slack pack, or any other sort of adventure away from the norm worthwhile.  ()
5   Best so far we had the best time at uncle johnny's. we ended up staying for four days instead of the one we had planned on. only bad thing i can say about this great place is that it is very hard to leave. the hospitality was by far the best i've experienced so far on the trail. if you get a chance dont miss this wonderful place.  , USA ()
5   So Great! Stayed there for two nights and was very happy. Cool place.  , U.S. ()
5   Excellent, full service, great hospitality Had an excellent stay. Included with the night's stay was transportation into town for both Lunch and Dinner (I took a long day there chill'axin). The camp store is well stocked with goodies. The bunkhouse was very comfortable. As Johnny says "The shower never runs out of hot water!" and it didn't. Highly recommended for the stay. Right on the AT and no travel into town required, unless you want to.  , USA ()
5  i'm a seasoned thru-hiker with two thru-hikes and nearly eighteen thousand actual trail miles under my belt and very few places equal uncle johnny's! every time i've stayed here he has gone out of his way to accommodate my every need. how many hostels on the trail still charge the same rate they did years ago ($12) and offer free shuttles to town for groceries and food? not only that but johnny shuttled a bunch of us in for breakfast and dinner, dropped us off and came back later, and picked us up at no charge! now, folks, that is hospitality! but do me a favor. when he shuttles you around at least give one measly dollar each towards gas because it is expensive and really adds a burden to operations. some places charge you for every little tiny thing they do for you -- which is ok as it is a business -- so when you come to a place like uncle johnny's where true southern hospitality is a keyword you should just naturally want to stay there! thank you, uncle johnny, for all the kindness and hospitality that you have shown me through the years!  ()
5  You can't go wrong staying at Uncle Johnny's! It's in a great location, and there is great food nearby. It has beautiful scenery, and the sound of running water from the river ensures a deep sleep. It's cozy and comfortable, which make staying at this hostel very do-able. And you can't beat the rate or Johnny's hospitality.  ()
5  We had a great time here. The hostel was located in a gorgeous area right next to the nolichucky river. I think they had bunk beds and tenting, but even better, they had beautiful, inexpensive private cabins. We stayed in one, and there were books, videos, a little TV/VCR, and a cozy quilt on the bed. It was so relaxing!! Also, the cutest dog and cat live on the property! I definitely recommend it.  ()
4  It's beautiful there and the folks are really nice. Dorm rooms, tenting, or get a whole cabin w/ tv and fridge for cheap!! It's a bit removed from city life, and close to rafting, mountain biking and the AT. The Smokey Mountains and the Nolichucky River rule!! A camping store is included.  ()

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