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Ritz for Backpackers

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   Not good the hotel is small and friendly (only two level)! they have the clean room and good service. but it has a bar in downstairs and some crazy guys live in the hotel and always party everyday. it's very noisy!  , taiwan ()
2   Terribly noisy! Could be a nice place to stay in Saint Kilda, if only the music from the bar downstairs was not so loud! Impossible to sleep before 3 a.m., unless you can manage with a bed moving with the bass beats.  , French ()
5   Home away from home i could never say enough about the ritz. chris has done an amazing job and keep up the great work! i have never felt so at home while there and everyone was just amazing including the staff. cant wait to get back out in jan.!  , ireland ()
1   Desperate I could honestly say that this place is in my top three worst places i stayed during a seven-month trip to Oz. The guests are horrible, cliquey, long term residents and are extremely rude. All staff were unprofessional except for the owner. the rooms were disgusting. For someone with extremely low accommodation expectations, this place was too much. I would advise anybody looking to stay here for more than one night to reconsider. A generally disgusting place.  , Ireland ()
5   Excellent I was also there in 2000. Overall a great place to socialise as pub downstairs, not for the fainthearted but great fun -- which is what you want when traveling.  , UK ()
2   dirty, loud, and unfriendly This hostel was the first we stayed at in Oz and we will always remember it as one of the worst. The place is filthy to start with, our twin room had god knows what stains on the floor, we were too scared to walk barefoot on it,and there were old manky bits of food round the beds. The pillows and mattresses have seen better days too. Everyone here is very cliquey, they do not make you feel welcome at all. We stayed for four nights and got absolutely no sleep, due to the thumping music going on until 3 a.m. each morning -- a couple of nights is fair enough, but when you are jet lagged and need some sleep, it is a bit of a piss take. Location was ok and the beach was the best part of it. The Ritz, I don't think so, more like the pits, for backpackers.  , england ()
1  This hostel is dreadful. We only give it one star as there isn't a zero-star option. Most of the people who stay there live there. They've formed a big community amongst themselves and are loud, brash, and unfriendly. Our room was moderately clean, although we had twin beds and one had a huge hole in the mattress, which meant we ended up sharing a single. The pub/nightclub underneath ensures that you won't get any sleep. Before we stayed there we read the reviews on this site and thought it couldn't be that bad. It is worse. The only thing in its favour is the free pancake breakfast, over which we had to listen to the live-in residents talk about how drunk they were the night before and how drunk they'd like to be again. Of course we already knew this as they stood in the corridor shouting all night. We spent three horrendous nights at the Ritz and left looking like zombies. It's the pits. Please don't stay here!  , England ()
5  Best hostel ever. Fairplay to Chris, he's doing a great job.  ()

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