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Barmy Badger Backpackers is not a bad hostel, but not an awesome one either. Earls Court is just a few stops away from major London sites and the night bus makes it super easy to get home from a late night of clubbing.

The one major flaw about Barmy is the permanents there. It must be about 80% permanents that stay there, and most are Aussie. Needless to say, they are very cliquey and even put down travelers. Since these people get up early and work, they get upset when you cramp their style by taking a shower in the morning or taking too long in the bathroom.

Making it down for the free breakfast is often difficult because the workers have usually already ravaged the complimentary breakfast (cereal, milk, and bread with margarine or jam). There is a giant Tesco about two blocks away where you can stock up a bit and put your food in one of the two fridges.

Security at Barmy is good enough. They have a key code entry at the front door. There is someone at the front desk until around 10pm and they generally know who is staying there because only a few travelers come and go. There is also a key for the rooms.

They do accept credit cards, but charge extra for using one. They don't give you a map of the city seeing as the hostel is not geared to travelers as much. The whole scene is kind of depressing sometimes; people would gossip, people would get super wasted, people would be depressed about not having work. One night the fire alarm was pulled on several occasions and the owner did it because he was having fun -- don't get me wrong the owner is a really good guy, but he does like to have fun with people.

All in all, Barmy Badger Backpackers is a good place, and cheap, particularly if you take advantage of the kitchen and nearby Tesco supermarket.

Once you get out of Earls Court Station (Tube), the main Exit towards Earls Court, hang a left. Walk down about three or four blocks and take a left on the street with the Sainsbury Local on the corner. It's about five places down on the left.
by Scott Carlton Staff Reviewer
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17 Longridge Road, Earls Court, London, Greater London, England
51.493575, -0.195690 (accuracy not guaranteed)
+44 (0)20 7370 5213
+44 (0)20 7370 5213
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Nice and simple, a little far away from town
It was a very simple hostel. The sitting area was a little small, but the kitchen was nice -- nice size, good amenities, and nice breakfast. There seemed to be a lot of people living there who were long-term rather than tourists, which could be a good or a bad thing depending on what you're looking for. It was easy to find from the subway, but the subway was necessary to get to most anything. The rooms were very simple, but nice. There were large wooden lockers to put your belongings in (perfect if you bring your own lock) and a safe inside each one -- all very spacious. The bathroom was small, but clean, so no complaints.
Age 24, USA
Nice place
Good location, great staff, and good facilities.
Age 22, australian
Nice place for long-term
I really enjoyed my staying here (two weeks in August 2012). Large rooms with huge lockers, bathroom ok. The building itself is nice, kind of old-fashioned, with a garden and a great kitchen. It's very well located in central London, near some grocery stores and some awesome places to chill like Hyde park or Kensington High Street. Facilities are fine too, you find a lot of stuffs like books, ironing equipment. The communal areas are homey and the atmosphere is very friendly. There are a lot of Aussies so you can feel a bit lost when you are not native english-speaker, but anyway a really good way to improve oneself in english and to meet cool people.
The bathroom floor was very sticky and the sheets and room were not particularly clean, although the sticky floor got fixed the second day. We did not have heat the first day and it was December. Somebody stole our labeled food from the fridge. Also, there is no internet, which is a bit silly considering you can get it at just about every other hostel. However, the staff was very friendly and the dogs are cute. It seems like a nice group of people living there, and it was nice to have free breakfast, although it was minimal. It is very well-located and convenient for the Tube. It is right near several groceries, internet cafes, and affordable places to eat. While we would not enthusiastically recommend it, it's not a bad place at all to spend a few nights, and it's cheap.
Nice place -- i visited for literally a minute
when i was in the barmy badger i was actually greatly impressed by the professionalism of the staff and the cleanliness of the place, i imagine it is a great and homey place to live, stay, or visit. when i was there i believe the place was fairly new, 2002.
matt zeigler
  It astounds me to find some report-backs to be negative. The Barmy Badger is an awesome little place with a great bunch of people running and living in it. i have only positive things to say about "my home" and has been the reason i have not returned back to South Africa. Give it a try and get your own opinion, you wont be disappointed.
  It's been my home for a year now and I can't imagine living anywhere else in London. The owners are dear friends of mine -- very friendly and cool! If it wasn't for their high spirits the "Badger" wouldn't be my home away from home. The rest of the Barmy Crew who live there -- well they're my extended family.
  DO NOT STAY AT HE BARMY BADGER!!!!!! We to were fooled by untrue reviews. The renovations have not been done! The place is rundown and needs serious work. The bathrooms are dirty and small. The beds are uncomfortable and dirty the sheets are stained and have cigarette burns in them. Also we returned from a job interview one day and our room had been entered for bug spraying without our consent. They threw our stuff all over the floor NOT HAPPY! The breakfast is great if you enjoy expired milk and stale cornflakes! And the giant tubs of margarine and i think its meant to be strawberry jam are disgusting to say the least. Steer clear of the Badger.
Upset Barmy Stayers

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