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Calluna Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Calluna Hostel is run by a mountain guide and tends to attract other walkers.

The Location

Based on the location you will need to enjoy hiking -- as it's a good -- and steep -- walk uphill from town. Some might find this a little tough, but if you're after a quiet location with like-minded people, in a place that is really a house, you'll enjoy staying here. It's certainly a bit of a distance from the train or bus station if you arrive by public transport. If you drive, get the directions, as it can be a little tricky also.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms all have bunks in them and open off to the side of the kitchen and lounge. If you're in a family or a group this will be ideal. However do note there are no double beds. Bedding is supplied and the bathrooms are immaculately clean and do not resemble anything you'll see in other hostels. Some people have complained about not being able to lock their doors, but this didn't bother us -- it lends itself to the sort of house-party atmosphere.

Common Spaces

For solo travelers, it's a particularly comforting place to stay, somewhere you can really relax and unwind. Calluna is self-catering and the excellent kitchen enables you to really feel at home. There are also books, a TV, and games in the lounge, but mostly you'll probably find you'll hang out and chat to the other guests. You can also use the phone with a paid card and the internet (Wi-Fi is free).


In all it's a comfortable stay, perfect at the end of a long day. The owners are incredibly accommodating and friendly. There is a lot of great information for touring around locally or attempting any of the hikes, particularly on Ben Nevis and Glen Coe -- both highly recommended.

by Jo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
November 2010

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5   Well designed, well equipped, spotlessly clean, and very comfortable New, purpose-built hostel ten minutes by foot from town centre in private grounds. Good car parking. Large entrance hallway where you can remove and leave wet footwear and parkas. It is designed as a house, with kitchen, living room downstairs, and three bedrooms and shower-room upstairs. All rooms were spotlessly clean and the bedrooms were most attractive, more "home-like" than any other hostel I visited. The living room is simple but very comfortable and clean, with a TV and a few well-chosen videos. The owner is a mountain guide on Ben Nevis, and the hostel has a lot of info and photos of the mountain. Very quiet. Great place to stay after a long day in the hills.  , France ()

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