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Happy Inn Lodge

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At Happy Inn Lodge, you will find a perfect atmosphere to enjoy your experience in beautiful Interlaken. The hostel has a small restaurant with tables inside and outside the lodge to spend time during the warm evenings. Wonderful, quiet music is played all day long. Breakfast is not available for free, but you can order your meals at the restaurant if you can afford them.

The Location

Happy Inn Lodge is strategically located in the center of Interlaken (Switzerland). You can reach it on foot from Interlaken West Railway Station or by bus (lines 102 and 103) from Interlaken Ost Station. A small supermarket, open from 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., is located near the hostel. Bigger supermarkets are also a few blocks away. However, they close early in the afternoon (6:30 p.m.).

Rooms and Bathrooms

Rooms and bathrooms are perfectly clean. However, if you are planning to reserve a shared, six-bedroom, you must keep in mind that they are quite small. Rooms have small lockers, a table, and a mirror. The cost of the room is not too expensive if you take into account the location and the usually high prices you have to pay in Switzerland when you compare with the rest of European countries.

Common Spaces

The common area, which includes the kitchen, is spacious and always very clean. There are lockers to leave your things. You can also store your luggage there if you arrive before the 3 p.m. check-in time. The hostel is open from 7 a.m. to midnight, so you can arrive any time and there will be someone there to help you. Although you must pay, there are two computers available with internet access. Wi-Fi password is provided for free.

There is no curfew. You must leave the key every time you leave the hostel, and if you arrive late at night you must use a lateral door with a code, which will be provided during the check in. Rooms are not available from noon to 3 p.m., since they are cleaned daily at this time.

The staff are very friendly and open to help with everything you need. You can also book there all your planned outdoor adventures. Brochures and booklets for different activities and tours in the Interlaken region are also available at the hostel.


This hostel is highly recommended for your visit to Interlaken. It is affordable and clean.

by sandra
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
October 2013
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Great location, great staff!! My husband and I have stayed here before and returned to this hostel as part of our honeymoon to Switzerland. Happy Inn Lodge is very affordable and extremely accommodating. Great experience!!  , USA ()
4   Great location, good-value restaurant, but quite noisy at night! Happy Lodge Inn is part of a busy bar/restaurant. The hostel is upstairs and gets a lot of noise from the bar until it closes at 1a.m. You check in at the bar, and have to walk through it to get to the rooms upstairs. However, the manager is very obliging, speaks fluent english, and the bar has a great friendly atmosphere. The food is very good value for money in comparison to the rest of Interlaken. I stayed in a private twin room, which was small but included a sink, fresh towels every day, and a wardrobe. In spite of the noisy nights I really enjoyed it here, and the hostel is in a fantastic central location.  , Scotland ()
3   Decent The place was ok. I echo the comments about the staff being busy with the restaurant downstairs. It's in a good location though and the rooms are clean (sink in each room too) and the showers aren't hideous.  , U.S. ()
2  Central location, rooms clean, linen clean. Cleanliness of showers/toilet not so great. Staff very busy serving restaurant customers so not able to spend much time at check in or to help book trips they offer. You have to walk right through the length of the downstairs restaurant each and every time you come and go which is annoying especially when it is crowded and smoke filled and you arrive with your backpack on your back standing in a huge crowd of restaurant patrons waiting to check in looking like a dork and beginning to stink like cigarette smoke... or after a hike/adventure sports and you walk past all the restaurant guests looking really shabby - embarrassing. Do not recommend paying the 8Sfr for breakfast which was described to us as being 'continental'... turned out to be slices of bread (no toaster) with jam and a hot chocolate. Better off going to the nearby supermarket for some breakfast. Hostel also very noisy at night - not just from the thumping music each night from the bar downstairs, but we also had several children in the room above us playing chasey and jumping on the beds for hours unsupervised while their parents were drinking downstairs for 2 nights in a row. Very disappointed... but still a good location although other hostels neaby also in a good location. Would not stay here again.  ()
3  My friends and I stayed in Happy Inn for two nights during our visit in Interlaken. We were lucky to be given a six-bed dorm room without other guests. The room was small if a total of six people stay in the room at the same time. You have to share toilets and showers but that was ok. The drainage of one of the showers was not functioning well though. The staff were friendly and helpful. The Inn is actually a restaurant with its own bar. We didn't have time to dine there but their menu looks good. Overall, Happy Inn is a good place to stay in Interlaken.  ()
3  I stayed there for four nights, and I have got discounts!! Hee hee. Nice location. The staff were so-so. The conditions were so-so. The price was really excellent, compared to other hostels.  ()
4  Friendly, helpful staff, clean rooms, good food, great bar, best beers!!  ()
4  We liked this place very much.  ()

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