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HI - Los Angeles - Fullerton Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5   Excellent Hostel Very nice location, Quite and so friendly staff. So Clean.  , age 27, United States ()
5   Great location, amazing staff, clean & friendly environment. I could hardly be happier about my choice for HI Fullerton. The competent staff had all the necessary information, the bathrooms and sleeping accommodations were clean and maintained very well. There was a free breakfast as well as some other goods provided by the staff.  , Germany ()
5   I Felt At Home Please excuse me, but if this is the same hostel I stayed in 1998, I loved the creature comforts the managers and everything about it. Very fond memories. Love to go back there someday.  , Australia ()
4   Felt like home I didn't see any comments about the hostel therefore i was really scared having to go in blind. didn't know what to expect and i had to stay for as long as possible because i was going to college in Orange (one town away) and had to find a place to rent during those days at the hostel. from the top, the trip from LAX by shuttle was way, way expensive. Supershuttle was $44! But i guess that if it's by taxi it might be worse? The hostel was in a park, up a short hill. The moment i entered i felt that it was like a real house, living room with sofa, a TV, DVDs shelf, bookshelves, tables for dining, and an open kitchen. There was also a patio, for smoking, reading, chilling, pretty much anything. I had dinner there, i surfed the net on my mac there, i sat and just stared into the distance there. The living room area had plenty of interesting DVDs, but TV time was only till 11 p.m. There were books on SF, LA, CA, USA, and there's even a piano! out of tune, but still. I spent my hot afternoon rest days banging away and it was pretty de-stressing. There are two tables to have meals, or plug laptop in and surf. The kitchen is everything one would expect out of a backpacking hostel (i do backpack too), with shelves for personal food storage, huge fridge, pans and pots for you to use. there's even a spice rack with all sorts of spices to make your dish tastier. Very clean, they seem to clean every day at 11 a.m. and you can brew coffee any time of the day. There are only two restrooms so if someone was to take a bath, you either had to use the one upstairs or downstairs or wait. There's only twenty beds, so i'm told, so one would have to have more buffer time in the morning cause if the hostel is full, queues can be long. Other then that, the restrooms are sparkling clean. The room that i was in was a all female dorm. Six beds, quite a lot of spaces. Locker for each person and i stayed on the top bunk for six days. There's a full length mirror, and hooks to hang your towels. It was really a cool place to stay at but the supermarket was a little far away, and so was the pay phone. All in all, a great place to stay at, value for your buck. But a little far from places one might want to get (even bus stops) but if you have your own transportation (car) you're going to love it.  , singapore ()
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