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Prison Hostel

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Prison Hostel is an excellent hostel and well worthy of being a contender as the best hostel in India. Its location is great and there's a great backpacker vibe throughout rather than a Goa holiday/hippie hang out. The entire place is themed as a prison without being tacky at all and there's breakfast included as well snacks and beer available on a trust-and-pay-later scheme.

The Location

This hostel is a really easy find, as it's located on probably the most well-known road in Anjuna. Asking locals to point you in the direction of particular restaurant or hotels is the best way to navigate around. The hostel is very well known, but if you do come across someone who is unfamiliar, you can ask for the La Franz Restaurant, which is extremely close by, or the football pitch. Walk away from from the football pitch toward the beach, go around the bend and you will soon see the restaurant just mentioned on your right, just after this on your left is the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Dorms are a little crowded but are kitted out to a high standard. Each bunk has cages beneath where you can lock your bags up and there are large ceiling fans in the dorms (unfortunately no air conditioning, though). It's extremely clean and comfy and there's twenty-four/seven hot water plus and free purified drinking water available. Wi-Fi is also very strong throughout the property.

Common Spaces

There's a great little bar area with tables and music. There's also a room next door with one large table and stools, perfect for just sitting down with a beer and meeting people. Breakfast is also eaten here, so you can guarantee a range of people sitting around in the morning who want to chat. If you don't want to head down to the beach, there's a great area out the front for chilling out, with sun loungers and beds. A communal kitchen is also available to use and there's a really nice system of obtaining food and drink here, where the hostel trusts its stayers to write anything they take in a book, then pay for it later.


The prison theme goes all through the hostel, from barbed wire around the gate; to bars on the doors; to prison-style cups, plates, and tables. Despite all this, it still manages to be a pretty luxurious hostel and it's all done in a pretty stylish way. Meeting people will be effortless here and although it would come under the category of a party hostel, it's very chilled out and laid back during the day. Breakfast of eggs, toast, cornflakes and tea/coffee is included.

by Chris
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
February 2014
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