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Burkes' Paradise

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Burkes' Paradise is a wonderful hostel that is run by the owners, who live here full time. The hostel is set on a beautiful, twelve-acre property with a long, tree-lined driveway bringing the visitors up to the main house. There is no real reception area -- instead, you have to visit the owner's house and talk with him to get checked in. The place does offer Wi-Fi for a small daily fee and there is also a swimming pool on the grounds.

The Location

The hostel is located in a nice neighborhood, a short, five-minute drive outside the city center. Unfortunately there isn't much near the hostel, so if you don't have your own vehicle you will need to use a taxi anytime you want to get to or from town. Another problem with this hostel is that it is difficult to find. There aren't very many signs directing visitors to the hostel, in part because the signs that have been put up in the past have been vandalized. It is important to have directions to the hostel beforehand, and once you're in the area, look for the hostel sign directly next to the driveway.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms in the hostel are relatively simple -- most of them are auxiliary buildings located throughout the grounds. There are dorm rooms as well as private rooms, and there is ample place for pitching a tent or sleeping in your caravan. There are also a few bathrooms -- one located adjacent to the living room and a few others closer to the private rooms and the swimming pool.

Common Spaces

The common spaces are few, but plenty enough. There is one main living room area that has a table for several people as well as a good number of couches. In the corner of the room is a small store the offers a number of food items available for purchase. There are also beers in the fridge that can also be purchased by tallying up how much you've taken on a sheet using an honor system. There are also two kitchens at the hostel, one of which is located right next to the living room. The kitchens are small, but they both are kept tidy and functional.


Provided you have your own transportation, Burkes' Paradise is a fantastic hostel. It is close to the city center and manages to have a secluded peaceful feel. Considering it is in Zimbabwe's second-largest city, the hostel lives up to its name by providing a small piece of paradise to its guests.

by Richard Ballentine
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
February 2014
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