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Hostel Buffalo-Niagara

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HI - Buffalo Niagara Hostel is well located, clean, and relaxing. It can be quite quiet, but has well-equipped social areas to encourage social interaction, so with sufficient folk about, it could be quite a social hostel.

The Location

The hostel is well located and clearly spotted from the main street. It is next to the tram line, which can take you for free to within a two-minute walk to the bus station (you can also walk, which only takes about ten minutes). The bus station provides cheap buses to Niagara Falls and Greyhound and Mega buses can take you further afield to places like New York City. There is also a bus from the airport that can drop you off about five minutes' walk from the hostel. The main street provides a small grocery store and a mall, but there are some smaller, nicer shops behind the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

Female-only or mixed dorms of eight beds are available, and bathrooms are female or male only, located outside of the dorms on most floors. The rooms and bathrooms are cleaned every day and appear in sufficient quantity for everyone staying there. Each bathroom consists of two basins, two showers, and two toilets. A key card is required to progress into the hostel further than reception and to enter the dorms, the doors of which lock automatically on closing. There are also lockers (to which you are required to provide your own padlocks) provided within the dorms. The front door to the hostel is controlled by a combination lock and the code is changed daily. It is not apparent that there is a need for all these security measures, but the hostel definitely feels secure!

Common Spaces

On entering the hostel, there is a reception area with a small table and couple of chairs at the window. There is a also a computer available for free and free Wi-Fi more or less throughout the hostel, though sometimes connection can be a bit fiddly. Reception is only open from 8 to 11 a.m. and 5 to 10 p.m., but if you have made a reservation, they will email you directions and the code to enter the hostel on that day, so you can arrive between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The kitchen is large and well equipped with plenty of refrigerator space. There is a social area adjoining the kitchen with two tables and chairs and a couple of sofas. Board games, a TV, and information on the local area are also provided. They request that people be quiet from 10 p.m. onwards in this social area and kitchen, but there is a further social area in the basement where you can go later into the night. Down there, there is a table and chairs, sofas, TV, a wide range of videos freely available, and even a pool table! The hostel is well set up to be social, but something seems lacking about the atmosphere.

On checking out, you can store your luggage behind reception for free until reception closes at 10 p.m., although if you wish to have access to the kitchen and other facilities after checking out at 10 a.m., you can purchase a key card for the day for an additional fee!


The hostel is really well located and well equipped for staying a couple of nights to see Niagara Falls.

by Emma C
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
September 2012

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   Great hostel This hostel was nice. Staff were fun and helpful, great facilities, nice living rooms and kitchen. Very clean, nothing to complain about!  ()
4   Good hostel in a convenient location This hostel is in a great central location on Buffalo's car-free Main Street. Staff were friendly and helpful (I arrived after hours and they left my sheets, card key labeled with my name at the front desk), everything was clean, and the kitchen/lounge area is a nice place to hang out, with comfortable chairs and so on. My only minor complaint was that it was pretty hot inside and the windows could not be opened (there was a sign saying they'd been "sealed for the winter," although it was mid-May. Even Buffalo doesn't have winters that long).  , age 33, USA ()
5   Very Nice Place to Stay! It's spacious to stay in the room or in the public area. The room and the restroom are very clean. Nice receptionists!  ()
5   Best I Hostel a lot for USA business travel and this is my favorite hostel. It is clean, has an elevator, a big kitchen, and fast, reliable internet.  , USA ()
5   Super Clean and Excellent Location I stayed here 3 days around Christmas time, before heading to Pennsylvania for a visit. It is not too far of a walk from Greyhound, the bus system (or tram) and it cheaper than a motel stay -- 28 dollars a night. It was built as a hostel, inside the shell of a former commercial building -- fairly new, as spotlessly clean, with a fully stocked kitchen. It's right downtown, and it a great base from which to explore.  , USA ()
5   Great! This hostel in Buffalo is a really good one. It's very very clean, the rooms are big, there is a big kitchen which you can use, there are even elevators! This hostel contains everything you expect from a good hostel. Although Buffalo is a bit boring, the hostel is a perfect place to stay and it isn't expensive.  , the Netherlands ()
5  Clean, safe, with unbelievably helpful staff. I truly cannot stress how great the staff are. I was booked into a dorm that I had completely to myself, which was nice! During my stay there was an event at the music venue down the road. Loud bass was pumping until the early hours. This meant little to me however, since I had returned that night to find a pair of earplugs thoughtfully placed upon my pillow. Amazing. Should I return to these parts I would stay nowhere else. buffalo also has awesome coffee.  , UK ()
3  Buffalo itself is pretty awful! nothing going on and pretty much always deserted in the area of the hostel. It is however easy enough to find and easy to get to niagara. The hostel owner was very helpful -- if not too friendly! The rooms and kitchen were really clean but the building seemed much like a hospital. We were also charged a fee on the last day for leaving our bags in the place $5 per bag! The bags weren't even kept in a lock room! The hostel had one computer for internet use -- it was on its last legs and wasn't worthwhile using. There is a library down the road which you can sign up to and use the computers for free.  ()

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