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Neptunes International Backpackers

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Neptunes International Backpackers is an old hostel with a young atmosphere. Its spacious common rooms give you a great opportunity to meet other people.

The Location

Greymouth is the main town of the west coast of New Zealand´s South Island and has a town centre full of shops and businesses. The hostel is located about a two-minute walk from Greymouth town centre; the area around it is a bit rundown and industrial, which also makes it a quiet area during the night -- good if your room has windows facing the street.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The hostel's main building is about a century old and certainly looks it. There is another new building in front with rooms and common facilities. Rooms and bathrooms in the old building are located on the first floor, while the ground floor has a kitchen and common rooms. The hostel has double, twin, and dorm rooms, although most rooms are mixed with bunk beds and a double bed. The furniture of the rooms is very variable -- some have a sink, others have tables or a chest of drawers. Each bed has a towel, a soap bar, and a mint included, in addition to the linen, which is provided by the hostel. The hostel has storage options, although the rooms do not have lockers.

There are certainly a lot of bathrooms compared to what most hostels have. There are no shower blocks, but individual rooms with a bath, a shower, or a toilet, which are all generally clean. Showers have soap racks and doors have hooks for hanging your clothes.

Common Spaces

The ground floor is dedicated to common spaces -- a large kitchen, a dinning room, two lounges, and a bar. There is also an outside area with benches and plants. The kitchen is spacious, although it can get busy when the hostel is full. It is very well equipped with dishes, pans, pots, glasses, cutlery, and lots of cooking utensils. It has a conventional oven, microwave, and electric stoves. There is a small room with individual cupboards for guests to keep their non-refrigerated food and three fridges.

The general atmosphere is of a hotel that is not very well taken care of and not renovated at all. The three common rooms have old, non-matching furniture. There is a dining room next to the kitchen with four large tables to eat or work on. A second common room is in front of the dining room, with several armchairs and a fish tank. The largest common room is at the end of the corridor, on the ground floor, and it has a bar service (open only upon demand, usually in the evening), a fish tank with tropical fish, a turtle tank with two turtles, three public computers, a fireplace and a wood-burning stove, and several armchairs and sofas.

There is a common area outside the hostel with wooden benches, plants, and a barbecue area. The parking lot is full of old cars permanently parked but there is extensive free parking space inside and outside the hostel premises.

The hostel promotes its free unlimited internet access (available daily through 8 p.m., which is when the reception office closes). After that, you can recharge your internet card online or use the hostel's three public computers. It has a laundry service and a small shed in which you can lock bicycles.


This is an old, not-very-tidy hostel with a young atmosphere, in a quiet area close to the town centre.

by Mfalgas
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
February 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
2   BedBugs Stayed the a couple of months ago and was bitten most the night by what I thought was bedbugs. On returning to Sydney, was told by skin specialist I had scabies. Didn't know anything about them, I sure do now. The most disgusting thing to get, all courtesy of Neptunes backpackers. They take about 2 weeks to start the itching and they don't stop until you start treatment which is long, painful, disruptive and expensive. They burrow under your skin and lay eggs as they go. You will itch until you think your going mad. You won't sleep anymore than 2 hours a night, and when the creams and pills do start to kick in your skin will come out in red angry blisters that itch all the more. Relief comes after about 6 agonising weeks, and that's only after your've adhered to what a skin specialist tells you to do and what to buy under persciption from the chemist. Specialist is about $120 a visit, which your'll have 2 visits, plus the lotions and pills that come to about $180 to $200. Theres no doubt Neptunes is where I picked up scabies, it was the only backpackers I used on a quick trip to NZ, so backpackers beware, it will destroy your holiday.  , age 38, Australia ()
4   Really interesting The place is rundown but has lots of character and the people are really friendly. I was upgraded to a single room -- and free internet/wifi. It is a typical coast place -- coal heated hot water and it is right next to the museum, which is worth a visit. Overall well worth staying here.  , age 58, Kiwi ()
4   Great stay Great stay, the hostel manager was super friendly and helpful, we couldn't have asked for more. The girls working there were also lovely. The free wifi, pool and cosy fire! The only downside is there is no longer free scones. Common areas are comfortable and spacious.  , age 22 ()
5   Free scones -- 'nuff said clean, inviting, free wifi, friendly staff, spacious.  , America ()
5   Spacious and clean Kitchen and Lounge areas, friendly staff. Driving around in the rain a few days ago, my boyfriend and I, were only delighted in land ourselves on the comfy couches in the Lounge of Neptunes, cook a nice meal in the huge kitchen, and have a lovely hot shower -- all for only $10 each (we slept in our van). This is an excellent hostel for anyone looking to park their van for the night.  , Ireland ()
4  When you see Neptunes Backpackers, Greymouth, it hardly looks the most inviting hostel one could see on there trip around New Zealand. Neptunes backpackers pick prospective travellers up from the centre of Greymouth and Greymouth station and drive them back to the hostel, free of charge! However once inside the hostel is clean, and has all a backpacker requires and more. First of all a significant plus about Neptunes is that there are no bunk beds which for every backpacker is a plus. The kicthen inside the hostel is huge, ideal for preparing a meal for a few of your friends! The only flaw is that there is only one fridge for everyone to share. In terms of the accommodation the hostel is split into either mixed dorms or single sex, spread over two floors. The negative aspect being when staying here is that if your on the bottom floor, the shower is upstairs! For evening entertainment there is a huge television in the lounge with Cable TV. A large pool table which is free! Two computers with internet access at $1 for 15mins, and a dart board. The nights sleep is pleasant as mentioned because one is not in a bunk. However it did seem in the mixed dorm that the beds were packed in and do not have individual lights. The location of Neptunes is ideal as its within walking distance of the beach and the centre of Greymouth. One final plus about the hostel is that Magic Bus pick up from Neptunes doorstep.  , uk ()
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