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Athens Youth Hostel Pagration

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5   Athens Youth Hostel Pagration Athens Youth Hostel Pagration does not have a sign, but it does have a vivid blue door and the address is prominently visible. Taxi drivers have no problem finding it nor will you with a map! The location is excellent! It is a twenty minute walk to the city center, but there are closer points of interest as well. The Olympic Stadium is only a ten minute walk on the way to the center. Pagration itself is an authentic residential neighbourhood also home to cafes, tavernas, and shops for the things you forgot to pack. The rooms are all dorms. They are average sized and sleep five to six people in single mattress bunk beds. The mattresses are comfortable and a sheet and pillow case are provided upon check-in. Each room also has a fan, a wardrobe and a balcony large enough for chairs and a railing to hang clothes from to dry. The night was perfectly comfortable with the fan on and the large balcony door open. One thing we look for in a hostel is if there is enough space for one person to do a little yoga whether in the room or elsewhere, this is also a handy way to describe the size of the room. In these rooms there is one spot where a yoga mat could fit, however it would be crammed and you wouldn't do it if anyone else was present. Also notable that every person is given a key to the front door and the room. There are also plenty of power outlets throughout the hostel. There are two identical but separate bathrooms; male on the first floor and female on the second floor. Each has showers (.50 Euros for hot water), sinks and toilet stalls. We found the bathrooms to be very clean at all times and in perfect repair. Several spread out common areas exist. Upon entry there is a long narrow open-air area with tables, chairs and plants. This area forms an 'L' shape so if you wanted to utilize this area and remain distanced from others you could do so. There is a TV lounge consisting of tables, chairs, a couch, TV and fan. There is a solid door to this room. You could also do yoga in this room, we didn't see many people watching TV. The kitchen is compact and fitted with all the necessities to house many guests including two refrigerators, multiple cabinets and stove tops and two sinks. There are also common areas with couches, tables and chairs on each level outside of the dorms and bathrooms. These are spacious and ideally situated for stepping outside your room and sitting somewhere which isn't your bed. There is a secret rooftop! We read about it and asked and were directed up an (slightly dangerous) outdoor spiral staircase to the roof. It is large and mostly covered with lovely views of the neighbourhood and Athens. There is also a toilet up there as well as lines to hang laundry. It seems odd that it isn't being used, but at the same time nice to be able to use it to escape. This has become the yoga spot! You could hold a yoga class of fifty people up here! The staff are friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and laid back. They wander around and happily answer questions and offer advice. There are intercoms on each level so you can press a button and ask a question at any time. At one point the internet went out during a horrendous rain storm and it was back up and running almost immediately. Athens Youth Hostel Pagration has done this right! It is one of the cheapest in Athens and its long standing history is literally written on the walls. You will like this hostel if you appreciate bright but comforting colours and great outdoor areas. This hostel is not handicapped accessible.  , age 30, USA ()
4   Chilled out backpackers, look no further Great stay here! Although a little walk from the city centre (if you had to come back for a friend from town during the day you wouldn't, unless you were iron man) this hostel was surrounded by "real" Greek culture. The Friday fruit market was great, and eating out and around the hostel was so affordable! Nice, chilled out vibe in the common area. Only thing was the lockers didn't lock (but the rooms were pretty safe), and because it was summer the nights were so hot, one more fan in the room would have been luxurious! If I come back to athens, I'll come back.  , age 18, Australia ()
5   Cheap and friendly One of my favourite hostels that i've been to. Good value for money, very friendly staff, walking distance from the main attractions of Athens, free wifi. A good place for meeting people.  , age 19, England ()
4   Comfortable and cheap but ... Its clean and safe but beware! The owner spies on guests with hidden cameras and listening devices. At close to 80, he's quite the voyer.  ()
4  Visited this hostel and found it clean, safe with friendly staff. Very good value for money in my opinion.  , new zealand ()
5   Attractive, friendly If you don't mind sleeping in a dorm and you like to meet some nice (young) people. this is a good and relaxing hostel to stay when visiting Athens for a few days, even for an older person like me (forty-three). It is a clean place, there is this very nice atmosphere, and the staff are the best. When in Athens, someday, I will certainly go there again!  , Amsterdam, The Netherlands ()
2   Money minded hostel owner had the worst time staying at this hostel. previously we've booked for two days, but we sent an email canceling one day accommodation to the person in charge couple of weeks before we arrive. He did not checked his email and claimed that we did not inform him earlier and asked for full payment from us. neither he wanted to hear any explanation nor admit his fault in not checking his mail box. we've informed them of our early arrival but we didn't get any response from them. when we arrived early, no one answered us until doorbell has been rang for few times. no one entertain us when we got inside the hostel. waited for an hour when some guess in the hostel woke them up for a change. hot water bath cost Euro 0.50 for seven minutes of bath, leave luggage for Euro 2 per day, be careful of extra charges while staying at this hostel. a lot of noise at night (when the door of other rooms open and close). the room's window is directly connected to the downstairs corridor and kitchen. voices of people chatting, cooking and drinking can be heard vividly from the room. the shower/ toilet room is extra small, with three shower room sharing only one light in the middle, can hardly see where you're brushing at! worst hostel that we've ever experienced!  , Malaysia ()
5   Great Experience Well kept hostel, with a TV room, propane two-burner, and an open air feel in the lobby, plus cool plants, cute daughters, and a philosophy board. this was a great experience.  , USA ()
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