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Minas Hostel

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sala tvarea comune
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Hostelz.com's Review
An Egyptian couple runs Minas Hostel, this quiet, apartment-style hostel in residential downtown Milan. It's a good, laid-back base camp for exploring the city -- not a social, party-type place.

The Location

The hostel is located on a residential street two blocks off of a main street with shopping and transit. One block away there is a grocery store and a McDonald's. The location is extremely quiet at night, there seems to be no vehicle traffic on the street outside at night at all. It seems safe.

It isn't near any of the tourist sites or historical downtown area but you can walk there in twenty-plus minutes. There are also buses if you can figure them out. The hostel isn't easy to get to from the airport or train station. From the Central Station, you have to catch a bus and then walk from a few blocks away. Their instructions don't help much, so make sure you get a good map before you leave the airport or train station. Make sure the map shows more than just the immediate downtown area so you can find the hostel.

Rooms and Bathrooms

The rooms are spare, with just a bed in each, with some bunks. You'll also get a locker, but note that only a thin/small lock will work with it. We were disappointed that each bed doesn't have a nightlight or outlet. There are two bathrooms with shower, sink, and toilet; one also has a bidet. The bathrooms seem clean.

Common Spaces

The lobby area has a TV and large couch. Then in the hallway by the bedrooms, there is a small row of chairs at a counter top next to a mini-fridge and a microwave. So, there's definitely not a lot of hanging-out space and certainly no place to store or cook food.

The owners are on property at all times to buzz people in from the street. It's comforting and helpful to have them always available. They speak Italian, Arabic, and limited English. We tried to get tourism advice from them in English and were surprised by their lack of knowledge about the city -- for example, they didn't know anything about how to visit the Last Supper painting, but they did call the site to ask.


This is an acceptable place to spend a few nights. It's good if you don't need a high-energy type of place and want a more homey environment.

by Lptravelgirl
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
May 2013

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   A decent place to sleep So i stayed in Milan for 1 night, and while that is not a long time i find that it was more than enough for me. the hostel was easy to find and close to anything i wanted to walk to. i enjoy a good walk so i did not take the bus or anything. to walk to the city center where the big church and fort are was about 30 minutes. not bad i think, and the main train station was about the same. over all the bed was good, and the facility was fine. there were not many people there, but the 2 bath rooms were enough for the few people that were there. the wifi reached into the room, and was constant. overall i say that it is a fine place for a night of sleep and checking email but nothing really more. would recommend.  , age 21, America ()
4   Nice hostel The guy didnt accept cash!! and had to pay 2 euros for pillow and bed sheet. And of course 2 euros of extra cash like other italian hostels. And hostel was hard to find, there was no sign of name at all. Anyway it was a very nice hostel.  , age 22, South Korea ()

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