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Meeting Point Youth Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Youth Hostel Meetingpoint is great for one reason -- location. It's about a four minute walk from the train station, which is key when you have a big backpack strapped to you. It's also only a few minutes away from the Red Light District. There are restaurants all over the area, and of course, "coffeeshops." There's even a "smart shop" next door and an EasyInternet Cafe a minute or two away.

Downstairs there is a great little bar area where you can hang out, play some cards, and "relax" Amsterdam style. Very chill. On the negative side, the area is loud. If your room faces the street, you'll definitely hear people until all hours -- the perils of being close to the Red Light. Also, the dorm rooms aren't particularly nice, with twelve beds all crammed into one room. It's very tight and uncomfortable.

They do offer lockers in the form of barrels, which are all over the place. It's a good idea, but it gives the place an odd look. Certainly not a "classy" looking Hostel. And the place doesn't smell great, and the bathrooms aren't the nicest...

Basically, this is a great party hostel. If you want to go out late in Amsterdam, come back to the hostel and pass out, this is the place for you. If you want something a little nicer, cleaner, or quieter, this is not the place.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
August 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
3   Good for one purpose This hostel is great if you want to stay out late and party. If you want to do nothing but sightseeing look somewhere else. It's located in the middle of the tourist district and it reeks of cigarettes and weed. The staff is also hit or miss. Some are helpful and nice some not so much.  , age 21, Canada ()
5   Great place to stay excellent value! Had a fantastic time, great location, great atmosphere.  , age 28, England ()
4   Outer limit pleasure stayed for two nights, for the price i paid it was a bargain, food was nice, staff were nice. was a bit outer town but a tram 2 sorted that out, the place were hotel was situated was nice and peaceful, compared to 20 mins away in the heart of amsterdam where the craic is always good.  , ireland ()
5   Much improved! Based on the reviews, I was expecting a decently clean, decently comfortable hostel. Well, it turns out that they have renovated! Instead of the barrels there are now real lockers with keys you can rent out for $2 for the entire stay (with a $10 deposit). The bathrooms are pristine. It was literally the CLEANEST restroom I have EVER seen in a hostel! Very nice! The bar is open most of the time and is great for relaxing with friends when it's rainy outside. There's a smoking room if you want, and a pool table. The staff is all very friendly, and the location is super convenient to everything. We also had a nice view from our room of a canal. Overall, one of the most pleasant hostel stays I've had in Europe -- and it's pretty cheap, too!  , USA ()
4   Great place to stay Staff are extremely friendly and helpful, 24hour bar is perfect for meeting people, winding down after a night out, and chilling out. also serves hot snacks. location is spot on for the most interesting parts of town. security is grand, there are crazy red lockable barrels! toilets and showers are clean. If I was to revisit the Dam, I would stay at meeting point again.  , Irish ()
5   Some of the greatest experiences I've had in my life! i stayed here in November of 2006. For the type of vacation I was looking for, this was the greatest. I probably only slept for about ten hours while I was there for four days, but the twenty-four-hour bar/cafe was perfect for us. My traveling buddy and I would stay up til all night meeting people from all over the world, smoke plenty of hash (among doing other things -- there is a smart shop directly next door!), and drink the freshest heineken I've ever had. I would suggest this place to anyone looking for the whole "amsterdam" experience!  , canada ()
5   Cool Good value and good place to stay. Secure lockers and entry and great twenty-four-hour bar, which is cheap too. if you ever go here take my word for it that the ham and cheese toasties in the bar are great late at night. I had a fun time, was able to sleep when I wanted. and just as importantly all the staff were nice and friendly, they actually looked like they enjoyed their job, which makes a difference. in short I highly recommend this place everyone.  , Australian ()

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