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Westway Hotel LaGuardia Airport

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   A Safe and Interesting Place to Spend the Night in NYC The Westway Hostel is quietly hidden on 7205 Astoria Boulevard in Queens. I am not too familiar with the city and relied on my smartphone to get me there. From when I left Port Authority to the second I arrived at the front door of the Westway, I would say my combined total time of travel was a cool 50 minutes. I took the subway and then the bus, as was outlined on the email I received from Westway a couple days before. I had arranged for one night of stay. When I first arrived in the neighborhood I was skeptical, to say the least. After walking across a poorly lit path over the freeway and down a block to the hostel, I was introduced to a shabby brick building. I entered the front door and saw check-in. I was behind roughly three other people and it took the lone clerk at the counter between twenty and thirty minutes to get to me. The clerk was incredibly courteous and answered all of the many questions that I had. I was impressed to learn that she was a polyglot of four. After checking in with a government ID I was given both my room key and my room number. I had rented a bed in an eight person dormitory. When I arrived, two of the beds were occupied. One man slept peacefully while the other listened to music on his headphones while browsing what looked like a Nexus 7. He looked up and smiled at me warmly as I sat down on my bed and took the room in. My dorm room had a single bathroom that we all shared and gym style lockers in one corner of the room. I did not want to intrude on the bed spaces of the other residents but I was only able to find one outlet, which was by the bathroom. I did not have a chance to look at the other rooms but I believe they were all relatively the same. My bed was made with hotel-like precision and I determined from a quick eye-balling that the sheets were clean. There was an incredibly thin comforter along with a top sheet, but as a larger man I was relatively warm enough to sleep. It might have been my nerves about my flight the next morning or the allure of an unexplored city but I had some difficulty in achieving a good nights sleep. The bed was a regular sized twin, instead of the twin xl bed length that I am used to squeezing in to at University. There was a very thin mattress and the bed creaked slightly when I moved around. Not a particularly comforting and relaxing but, hey it was roughly $30 for the night in the city. The real treat, however, was my brief look into the underbelly of the hostel lifestyle. When I arrived, the Westway was home to a considerable number of travelers, most of whom were from outside the United States. One of my roommates was a young business type individual in from London for the week on vacation; the other was a student from Portugal. The student and I made casual conversation for a little bit as I settled in from my journey. I learned that patrons of the Westway tend to hang out across the street at the Westway Hotel lounge. We decided to make our way over and found a comfortable lounge full of tenants. The lounge was well stocked with a full kitchen that sat in the corner at the beginning of a long dining hall table. Beside the table are located two pool tables, a couple of couches and a television. With cable! On the other side of the pool tables there are two desktop computers that seemed to have comptent internet service. I did not witness anyone shout or poke at the screen for the entirety of the time that I was in the room. None of the patrons became overly aggressive or noticeably upset while I was in the room. I joined a couple of strangers on the couch and we watched the second half of Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. After Faramir decides to let the poor Hobbits continue on their quest, we decided to join the rest of the patrons at the table and shared our lives around beer and tea.  , age 21, USA ()
1   Worst of worst staff I stayed Westway hotel for 7 days. Here was far from Manhattan. But It was very cheap so I decided to stay here in 6 dorm room. By the way, I had a problem. 2 days later, new guest came to my room and he said. "My bed number is B. Can you move away?" But my bed number is B too. So we went to desk and asked staff. And then he gave new guest other room. And 3 days after when I came back to my room, someone lay down my bed. He was another new guest. And we asked staff. There are 3 staff. And this time, he was another person that I asked first time. I definitely thought he would give new guest another bed. But he told me you have to move other bed. I didn't understand this situation because I had already stayed at my bed for 3 days so I said him "I don't want to move other room. It is now fair. Why do I have to move?" But He said "Don't you want to stay here? do you want to leave here?" I said "What?! Here is my receipt (stated my bed number). See this!" He said "What do you want? I saw you for the first time and I saw him for the first time. Do you want my apology? Okay, I am sorry. I did all the best. forgive me! Is that enough?!" I was very upset because of his act. If I was in Korea, It would impossible. I am poor at English. So I couldn't assert my right anymore. Be careful staff.  , Korea ()
3   Need to take bus ... The hostel was a little far from subway. I had hard time to take bus especially mid-night. However, the price is good and the room is clean.  , Malaysia ()

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