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Santa Fe International Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
The first thing you will notice about this hostel is its striking mural, a sure sign that you are in the artsy town of Santa Fe. Upon arriving at the hostel, you will receive a handy walking map and visitor's guide. There is a bounty of free snacks and staple foods available, but it is advisable to use them only as supplements to your own food supply.

Chores are mandatory and usually involve some type of cleaning. You will receive instructions and can choose which one you will do. Doing chores used to be a tradition at many hostels years ago, but this may be one of the few remaining hostels in the world that still requires its guests to do chores. This is something you should know before you arrive because many travellers may rather avoid this hostel if they don't like the idea of doing chores on their vacation, and at this hostel not doing the chore is not an option.

The owner, Preston, is a notable aspect of this hostel. Many guests find him to be kind and welcoming. But he does have a very strong personality and he can be intimidating if you cross a line and end up on his bad side.

The hostel dorm rooms are accessible from the main building via outdoor corridors. The rooms are simple and tend to be poorly lit, but are clean for the most part. Watch out for the showers, though. You may want to bring flip-flops. Be advised that the bunkbeds are foam mattresses on hard boards.

There are several long-term tenants at the pension who tend to hang around during the day. There is a $2 charge for this privilege. There is also a $2 charge per day to use the internet, but there is only one computer so you take your chances as to its availability.

Directions from Greyhound station: Right on St. Michael's. Left on Calle Lorca. Left on 2nd St. Right on Cerillos. Hostel on right. The Greyhound station is open for only a couple of hours during the day, so don't plan on hanging out there for long before your bus.

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
April 2004
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
4   I like this place ... ... and have stayed here several times; You can walk downtown to the Sta Fe Plaza, about 2 long miles, which I recommend doing; en route there are WHOLE FOODS and TJoes's; en route is the train station with the Farmer's Market, a great experience; this independent is casual and unorganized; get to pick your chore early; there is lots of free quality food and it is appreciated! the kitchen is restaurant quality; very inexpensive; free parking; no frills here; not for the ostentatious; if a hiker make sure you tackle the 2M feet' up Atilaya Trail starting at St John's College parking lot.  , USA ()
5   Great accommodations, Wonderful folks I'm glad I didn't let bad ratings deter me. My two friends and I really enjoyed the stay. The people on staff were friendly and helpful, and there was a communal atmosphere of respect and friendliness. The three of us got a room with several beds to ourselves. It was clean and comfortable. Fresh coffee and various breads and sundry foods were available every morning without charge, and we were also able to purchase our own food to store and cook it in their large, restaurant-quality kitchen.  , USA-Knoxville TN ()
5   Very Enjoyable. My stay at the SFIH was delightful. I have experienced hostel-life for over a total of six months worth of nights in my life, and every aspect of this one, was fantastic. After reading others reviews before mine, I thought of the phrase,"life is what you make it." and the spiritual truth that we create our own lives; (so if we still believe we are victims, then we are projecting our own stuff onto others.). Anyway, a huge amount of shared food, A staff that was open and generous in every way, and quite endearing. The hostel chores are one of the reasons the rooms do not cost 79 per night. Chores help one to feel a part of the whole. Whatever you contribute your energy to becomes valuable to YOU -- that is how we become part of something larger than ourselves. Further benefits ... sufficient maps and information. Everything was CLEAN, including my shower. Overall, the stay was very comfortable, in the city of spectacular architectural unity. It is convenient to walk everywhere -- including the train station and the plaza. Best of all, there were beautiful people who did the hostel-mingle-thing better at the SFIH, because they make a place for it, we even had entertainment. Definitely highly, recommended.  , USA ()
1   You better run To your car, or train station, or a local motel. I must say, this hostel is a horrible place. It should be condemned. Non profit, my ass. This place is all about money. Stay away.  , Pakistan ()
1   Invest your money elsewhere This is a truly horrible place. They take advantage of travelers, and are generally unfair. The dorms are disgusting. They charge you for wi-fi, and staying at the hostel during the day. The free food is expired and a joke. The staff are unpaid volunteers (slaves), and it shows. The owner is a complete jackass.  , Seattle, USA ()
5   Great It was a great stay at the hostel, and I will always come back, when I'm back in Santa Fé.  , german ()
4   Comfortable and sociable Had a great time at the hostel. Fantastic kitchen space, dorm rooms were adequate with an in room bathroom, nice. The staff were great as well. Overall a great visit.  , USA ()
2   Pros and cons I have stayed here several times while in town and found it odd each time. Mostly the people staying there and a few times the help. My last impression in 2007 was that there is a weird dynamic with the help against the guests/maybe the manager. I dont think people like their jobs much, and it shows. The biggest thing, I had a private room in the rear building and was alarmed to find that the separate bathroom which had the showers -- its only door did not lock. I'm in there naked behind a shower curtain w/unlocked door in a back part of the hostel. I was miffed and told the help who said "We've never had any trouble." Well from somebody who has had trouble in her life -- it only takes the right freak. Then i was told that they have had trouble with people coming into the main unlocked building at night. You can go in and use the toilets and apparently so do the bums in the area? Imagine being attacked in there all alone. As much as i want to stay in town again i am very reluctant to stay here. Be careful. Santa Fe residents who work in customer service seem to have a real bias against tourists. They take me always for a local -- i'm poor -- and they talk crap right in front of me! I dont say anything, i want to hear what they say. For the money its good but you have to put up with stuff.  , USA ()

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