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This hostel offers the usual discounts (50 Baht here with a HI card) and facilities associated with HI hostels. It's also the usual big institutional place HI's are - kind of ostere and impersonal with fairly unsmiling staff who seemed to think showing you to a room was an inconvenience.

The dorm rooms had 10 or 12 beds, which were all bunks and rather close together. The rest of the rooms were a serious of rather hot, often windowless rooms. I noticed that there seemed to be a lot more Asian people staying here and more long term guests who were either studying or teaching English. Possibly it could be a good chance to meet some of them who may show you more of the real Bangkok. There was a particularly nice Japanese girl. The only other non-Asians were a European couple who were hanging around checking email one night.

The HI is on a much grander scale to all the other guesthouses I saw in Bangkok and is kind of out on a limb. The nearest other guesthouses seemed to be clumped in a street about 5 minutes walk, and Kho San Road was a good 10-15 minutes away. The street it's in is fairly unimaginative with no real markets, just local businesses and shops so it's non-touristy and fairly authentic Thai in that sense but with no real hum.

The HI has internet, books, food etc., but they charge for luggage storage. I didn't eat the hostel because food in the markets is cheaper anyway and so much more fun to try out things you've never seen before. If you've got a HI card and want to save some money then I would recommend this place. Otherwise there's not really a lot going on, and it's a little too institutional for my taste.
by Jo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
February 2004


(Location is approximate. You may need to pan/move to find "HI - Bangkok - Baan Thewet Hostel" at 25/2 Phitsanulok Road.)


25/2 Phitsanulok Road, Si Sao Thewet Dusit, Bangkok, Bangkok Province, Thailand
13.763776, 100.512876
bangkok@tyha.org, baanthewet@tyha.org
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  I've stayed here a couple of times a few years ago -- it's a bit of a hike down to Khao San area (possibly a good thing) but a nice hostel with very friendly and helpful staff. Actually, the staff there were wonderful and some of the friendliest Thais I've ever met. Thanks.
  This hostel has a very good location, at least for my purpose of coming to Bangkok this time. The decoration is great, especially the peace library which gives a very good impression. The room is of course basic since the rate is cheap. However, the receptionist makes me feel down during my stay. If not because of her, I may rate this hostel three stars or even four stars. After all, it is a hostel, most for young people and we deserve to have friendly staffs. But I meet some good volunteers there, some interesting people from U.S. It's just enough to fill up my Bangkok emotion.
  I stayed here nearly two months and found that while the receptionists could be cold (they always seemed jealous) it was a great place to meet people. And while it was close to action (Khao san Road) it was in a quiet though not picturesque area. Check out the karaoke bar nearby for a good laugh. No matter what people tell you the TAT branch next door are actually very friendly and are happy to answer questions (we got drunk together many times). Four stars for the guests and the location...not the receptionists.
It's a secret
  It is cheap — it all depends on what you are looking for. But 70 Baht for a dorm room is cheap. It is very basic, for sure. As for the staff, well, let's say that yes, they are unfriendly. I can't wait to see a change!
  I am Thai living in Bangkok, Thailand. Today I called here to get some information. I found the staff person who picked up the phone was not so friendly. I asked her for directions to get to the hostel, as I am totally unfamiliar with that area. She was not helpful and gave me no clue how I can get there. I think all the staff people here should get some more training about customer service and learn how to treat people without discrimination.
  Like most of the HI's in Thailand, they've lost the plot. It's way too expensive for your average backpacker, meaning you don't meet many real travelers. It's about time they began to understand the meaning of "hostel", not "hotel."
  I have stayed here many times, and I've met many interesting people. It's convenient for the river boats and the bus to the train station.
  I have met the most amazing people in this hostel. I've used it several times. The breakfast is good and cheap. It's in a pretty convenient location--it's only a 20-minute walk from the hostel to Kho San Road. It's above a very nice restaurant, too. When I got to Bangkok for the first time, I was nervous because I didn't know anyone, and it was my first time in Asia. I met the most amazing people in the dorms, and I still keep in contact with many of them. If you're a couple, you'll find it totally unromantic. It's quite basic, but the staff are friendly and helpful, it's in a nice location, and there's a bathroom in each dorm. If you're travelling alone, this is the place to meet people.

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