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Father's Guesthouse was, as the name suggests, originally a religious establishment run by French monks. Only one remains now, a doddering elderly man who does not want to go home to France and is partially deaf. He's very friendly though, and came to meet us when we arrived and speaks English well. Although obviously he was hoping we might be French. The owners, Jay and Sandy, run the show for him and also have a café in Penang if you're heading that way. Usually Sandy will meet guests at the bus stop. They offer free rides when you arrive to their guesthouse, but we really liked that she was not pushy. She just gave us a brochure and pointed out the van and said there was a ride if we chose to stay with them.

Actually they are not far from the bus station. The main building on top of the hill is the original monastery retreat and has the reception, book library of gigantic proportions for a guesthouse, pool table, resident dogs, and quiet gardens. All the rooms up there are private only. People here seemed to do their own thing quietly as couples.

All the action however takes place down at the dorms just down the hill. These are a series of WWII bunkers made out of corrugated iron. They sound hideous, but really they're nice, all freshly painted, clean, roomy and original.

The only other building we saw like this in the Cameron Highlands was an old Anglican church with a stone front, so it is a fairly original design. There's a café here, ping pong table, a video lounge, gardens and vegetable patch, pine trees, and flowers. It feels very alpine and most people were friendly and were enjoying just a relaxing time. Some watched videos a lot during the day, especially if it was raining. Other people hooked up to go out walking together, which is a good idea because they don't recommend that female travellers do it alone. Be careful if you do hike -- we didn't get lost, but we kind of lost our way thinking we could navigate between paths.

Father's Guesthouse does arrange full and half day treks if you're on your own or want some help. From what we saw of other places in town and heard from other people, this is the best, cleanest, and quietest places to stay in the Cameron Highlands.

If you decide to get here under your own steam, it's not far from the bus stop but a little difficult to explain. When exiting the bus station turn left up the main street. You will cross a little bridge heading out of town, take a left immediately after and follow the road. As it bends around you will see a sign up a garden path to Father's. It's much quicker to walk up here than go the long way around, unless you have a car.
by Jo
Hostelz.com Staff Reviewer
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Tanah Rata, Malaysia
05 4911198
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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews

Great Place
I like the hospitality and the atmosphere which is different from a "concrete jungle." The staff are very friendly and the place is very neat, nice, and quiet. Not near the main street or crowd. Four of us in a a family stayed here for two nights (31 May and 1 June 2007) in a very spacious room converted from a semi-circle, British army-style hut.
TS Hoon
  Great hostel! Spacious rooms in novel styles. They serve cream teas (as does everywhere in the CH) and you can organise to do tours from here. It's set in fantastic grounds and has a good location. Go to the Boh tea plantations on a tour. The CH are awesome -- it's nice to be able to get some fresh air and feel a bit cooler after the stifling heat of Kuala Lumpur.
  the coziest place on earth. the environment was great. the hospitality was amazing. nice place to stay. very clean area. not much to comment. everything seems too perfect. keep it up.
fida, long & batrisyia
  This was the best place we stayed in Malaysia, and one of the best in Asia. We were there in March 2004. The atmosphere was great, the food was great, and the staff were very friendly. Always a couple of films to watch every night (though who ever chooses the film does have to pay 3RM), with free cake and reasonably priced beer to accompany it. The rooms were functional, not too expensive, and I never had a problem with the toilet/shower area. The communal areas were very popular, which made it very easy to meet other guests. We would definitely go back, and recommended it to everyone else going to the Cameron Highlands.
K + R
  We stayed here in August 2005 and were very happy with the place. The dorms were a bit overcrowded with about 20 people in metal "war time" style huts, but everyone was friendly enough. We also stayed in a double room with a shared bathroom. The room was spacious enough for the two of us. Although it was quite near to the eating area so it was quite noisy at night. They have a fairly good menu, although it's a bit more pricey than the town food. And they have a really good range of DVDs to hire. Most days there about 2 or 3 films showing, which is nice for a chill out.
Neil & Marsha
  The main building itself, as well as the surroundings, is pretty nice, as is the garden, the lounge room and terrace. The staff were pretty nice as well as helpful. In general a nice atmosphere. The drawback was the rooms! We stayed in double room, which was pretty basic, which in itself is ok. The mattresses were so thin you could feel the bed frame underneath. Anyway, the bathroom (if you can call it that) is nothing to write home about. Didn't look that clean plus we didn't like having the shower and toilet divided from the room by only a thin wall thing (not sure what you call it in English).
  Nice atmosphere and the staff were incredibly helpful with local information. The bunkers were a bit random but more than appropriate. The toilet/shower facilities were pretty rancid though. Good reasonably priced food altho the kitchen staff were a bit stroppy. When we visted the 'jungle view' was somewhat marred by the deforestation (or whatever it was) that was going on.
  The room was ok. I think the price was reasonable. The staff were nice. They helped me when I wanted some advice about where to go next. The room's wall is thin so get ready to hear what your next door neighbor says.

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