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Bluesky City Center Hostel

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Hostelz.com's Review
Upon arriving at Bluesky Independent Hostel after a long flight, the hostel was deserted except for a sleeping person on a futon in the lounge. She turned out to be one of the staff, but there's no desk or other indication that you're where you need to be.

I checked my email -- the only free internet I found in Scotland -- while waiting for someone more alert to show up. The sleeping person finally woke up when some other people came into the room. The hostel had a record of my online booking and asked for a five-pound key deposit -- which gets you in the locked front door after hours. They don't let you retrieve your key deposit before 8 a.m., so if you have an early train/bus/plane, you need to get it the night before, which can be a hassle if you accidentally lock yourself out of your room when using the restroom in the middle of the night.

Except for the lounge, which looked like there had been some heavy drinking going on the night before, the hostel seemed clean. They have a free breakfast from 8 to 10 a.m. -- toast and cereal, plenty of it -- but a tiny kitchen with only two small tables that maybe seat three people. There's enough room in there for a vending machine, though, which is nice since the nearest store is several blocks away.

The bathroom seemed even smaller -- two sinks, two toilets and two showers for the entire hostel -- one of the showers was downstairs). The passage where the sinks are is too narrow to walk past someone who's standing at the sink, so there are many traffic jams, especially in the morning.

My last night there, the owner came and cooked hamburgers for everyone. He brought beer and several salads, and everyone hung out on the front porch to talk. The hostel's area is pretty residential -- there are three Indian food restaurants within three blocks and the main library is nearby, but you have to cross over the freeway and walk around 10 minutes to get to a more lively area of town. The windows are kept open for circulation, and there was some traffic noise because the freeway is close, so don't forget your earplugs!

Exclusive Hostelz.com Review
December 2005

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
1   Filthy, dirty, creepy! Even though it is the cheapest place in town you still don't get your moneys worth. there is not a single clean spot anywhere. you feel like being in a shelter for homeless people rather then being in a hostel. i would not recommend it to anyone and definitely not go there again.  ()
1   Very dirty It was probably the dirtiest hostel I have ever stayed in -- the bedroom was cramped and there was little ventilation. Avoid unless you have absolutely nowhere else to stay.  , Welsh ()
1   Only a last resort This hostel is really dirty. I was scared about getting bitten by bedbugs. The breakfast is a huge tub of gelatinous "jam" with some bread and some cereal. Scary windy staircase to get up and down, feral bathrooms/showers. Staff were very inconsistent, one was great when I checked in but others were disinterested and rude. Free internet is good but you can't sit down. Don't stay there if you can avoid it.  , Australia ()
1  Oh my God, don't believe any of those photos on the right - I'm pretty sure they were taken of some other hostel. This place is the gateway to hell. I cried when I stayed there -- I was there in Summer 2002. I was actually booked in across the road but the guy there couldn't speak English and shouted at me to get out. So I ended up at this one -- and yes, even in '02 the owner was up all night hurling abuse at the guy across the road. There were people living there -- in cupboards, and the kitchen was full of broken glass -- with a sign up saying 'Beware of Broken Glass!' Surely easier to just sweep up the bloody glass? They also tried to take my passport at check in (I refused) and a few months later read how some places were stealing passports/id and selling them on the black market. Never ever go there!  ()
3  Their customer service has been improving. They deserve a second chance and their rates are great. With me they were willing to work out any problems and were always courteous in their response.  ()
1  Where do I start? This place is only one step above sleeping on the streets. I have always loved staying at hostels but will certainly think twice before I book another one after my stay in the Blue Sky. There are things I can overlook because of the price such as there being no window or ventilation in the room and the overall mess of the place. The things that really got to me were the bare wires hanging from the ceiling in our room, the fact that none of the electricity sockets worked, the shower being so dirty that I decided it would be safer to wear socks while I was standing in it. The list is endless but what topped it all off was going out the front for a fag to find the owner (Todd) and the staff having a full on fight with the staff from the rival hostel across the road. When Todd came back inside, he enthusiastically described how good it felt to "break that polish c**t's nose".  ()
1  this is the worst, dirtiest, unfriendly dive i have ever stayed in. the staff ignored you and came in to your room as and when it pleased them. there was no windows or electricty in our dorm! so much for saftey! the owner and staff liked to fight with the rival hostel across the road it was so bad while i was there it turned in to a full blown fight with broken noses! my advice stay well away from this place!  ()
2  Don't do it to yourself. The owner doesn't care too much about the hostel now and has left the running of it to his dad and staff. The whole place needs TLC. The hostel provides breakfast, but aside from that the cooking facilities, and the equipment, etc., is pretty ordinary. Cooking is discouraged.  ()

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