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Balco Harmony Hostel

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Hostelz.com Guest Reviews
5  Salam Alicoum: Really, I won't forget our discussion in the hostel and the new friends that I made, and that I have the honor to know people like you. I stayed here for five nights and it was great. And I'll never forget the moments I passed in Malta in my life, in the Balco Hostel. You are very, very good people and you know the real meaning of friendship.  ()
5  Hello, I spent four weeks in Malta and stayed in the Balco. They made me feel very comfortable with their friendly communication and attendance. It is very cheap regarding its quality and available services. If I return to Malta I would surely go there. Conrad and Joanna are really great and always trying to make you feel great. It is located in a very nice area, next to Sliema. If you like meeting people during your travel, Balco is a very good place.  ()
5  I first arrived in Balco Harmony Hostel on 18th of October 2004 and stayed there till 24th of February 2005. I never expected such a warm welcoming and enjoyable stay! The host Conrad is very caring and understanding, as well as his wife, Sharon. The staff are very friendly and really important part for the happy spirit of that place. For example Joanna, who does the cleaning, is very funny and nice to everyone and gives really good advice to the new arrivals. The atmosphere, especially in the evening, was fantastic, when we all used to dinner or party together. There were people from many different countries, and every night we did a dish from a different country. Yummy. All the culture experiences we exchanged and the parties were unforgettable. I miss you all!!! :-( Also our rooms were great! They were very modern and well equipped with bathrooms, air conditioning, fans, and fridges — everything one needs to survive the hot Maltese weather. :-) We also could watch DVDs in the dining room. We had three different films per week provided by the host. I hope that I will return very soon to the beautiful island of Malta and the lovely Balco Hostel!!!  ()
5  If you want to find a very hot and friendly situation, this hostel is very good. There is excellent hospitality, good accommodations and happy hour.  ()
5  I lived in Balco for three months. I really had a wonderful time there. Conrad and Joanna are fantastic people, helpful and above all very, very generous. Maybe you do not believe me but after those three months I came back to Malta and stayed one more month. When I think about Malta I think of Balco (room number 2). If you go to Malta you cannot not stay in Balco, and please say hello to them for me (Mamma son tanto felice). Paolo from Italy (by the way, I am that crazy man in the picture holding the guitar).  ()
5  My friend and I stayed here for three nights but we were definitely sad to leave after that time. Conrad and the staff made us feel so welcome, and they were happy to help us with anything we needed. I have never felt so welcomed by complete strangers. Balco Harmony made our trip to Malta memorable, and we can't wait to return!  ()
4  Dear travellers: With the help of this website I want to express my gratitude for this convenient, cheap hostel. This hostel is convenient to get to both on foot and by bus. The hostel is really nice, but its staff are really the best. It is a good place for rest.  ()
5  I stayed here for three weeks and it was really fantastic! The staff (Johanna & Conrad) are the best I have ever met. The hostel could not have been better situated. It is: - 2 minutes walk from a supermarket, - 3 minutes walk from the sea, - 5 minutes walk from Sliema - 10 minutes walk from Paceville and San Julians! If you want to spend the best holidays, go to the Balco Harmony Hostel!  ()

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